It Was Shockingly Easy for Someone to Steal US Government Plutonium From a Hotel Car Park

A small amount of plutonium and radioactive caesium went missing last year after two US government security experts left the dangerous samples sitting in their SUV in a Marriott Hotel car park overnight. Read More >>

The Secret Origins of an Infamous, Plutonium-Filled Kids Toy

A recent episode of QI mentioned a secret Lone Ranger Decoder Ring that contained plutonium and let kids see the flashes it gave off. While never appropriate for children, this toy has an impressive scientific pedigree. Read More >>

We Can Thank Plutonium for Everything We’ve Learned About Pluto

Our epic journey to Pluto has been filled with cosmic coincidences. Crossing Neptune’s orbit 25 years to the day after Voyager 2. Zipping by Pluto 50 years on the nose after our first Mars encounter. But my favourite serendipitous fact of all has to do with how we’ve powered the entire New Horizons mission, using none other than plutonium. Read More >>

How the First Lump of Plutonium Made on Earth Got Lost 

A decade ago, the first lump of plutonium scientists ever made on Earth disappeared from display in the Lawrence Hall of Science at Berkley, University of California. Berkeley physicists think they've finally found it again – thankfully before it got thrown out as radioactive waste. Read More >>

The Trick to Disposing of Nuclear Waste Could be Turning it Into Glass

Nuclear power is great, but the waste it creates is a problem. Best case scenario we can turn it into more power in the future, but for now we're stuck just stashing it away. But there's another way—a badass way—that's poised to make it easier and safer: nuclear glass. Read More >>