star wars
Hear George Lucas’ First Screening of Star Wars as Recreated in a New Narrative Podcast Called Blockbuster

Did you ever dream of being in the room during an iconic moment of film history? A new podcast called Blockbuster is doing its best to make that dream a reality. Read More >>

climate change
Former Irish President on Elon Musk: “If You’re Going to Colonise Mars, Why Not Help Kiribati to Have a Future Against Rising Sea Water?”

What’s the next logical career move after being President of Ireland, and then United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights? It turns out that it might be to start a podcast. Read More >>

how to
So You Want To Make A Podcast

There are a gazillion podcasts out there. Maybe even eleventy gazillion. Read More >>

Futurama is Getting an Encore With a New Radio Drama

The last episode of Futurama ended with Fry lovingly asking his wife Leela if she’d like to “go around again,” and now it looks like they’re going to. Nerdist has paired with the creators of the show to create a brand new radio play that ties into the show’s latest mobile game. Read More >>

The Life of an Ex-Hacker Who is Now Banned From Using the Internet 

When programmer Higinio Ochoa wants to share a batch of new code with his boss, he has to post it in on paper. Why the roundabout process? Ochoa is a convicted hacker, and his punishment is that he is not allowed to use the internet. Read More >>

how to
Podcasts: Where to Start, What to Listen to, and How to Do it Yourself

Podcasting has long since broken out of the niche corners of the internet. If you're not into it yet, it's time to. Here's what you need to know to get started not just enjoying the vast selection of content available online, but to create your very own show as well. Internet stardom is just a few clicks away. Read More >>