Google Remembers to Like and Subscribe, Releases Its Own Podcasts App

Lovers of quality audio content you’re probably not paying for, rejoice. Google has finally released its own Google Podcasts app, providing users a dedicated place to enjoy their shows, find personalised recommendations, and soon take advantage of upcoming accessibility features. It’s also one of the few Android-only apps made by the company, which traditionally releases cross-platform apps to satiate users of Google’s services on iOS. Read More >>

The Dark Origin Story of Internet Spiritual Guru Teal Swan

Last week, Gizmodo launched The Gateway, an investigative podcast about Teal Swan an internet spiritual guru who creates hypnotic YouTube videos aimed at people who are struggling with depression. These videos share controversial messages about mental health with her devoted fans who follow her online and in person. Many people get so wrapped up in her messages, they join Swan’s intentional community and move out to her retreat centre in Costa Rica. Read More >>

The BBC is Putting Adverts in Podcasts Now, Just Not in the UK

Regardless of your feelings on the BBC, we can all agree that it's nice to be able to watch TV or listen to the radio without having advertising forced on up at every available opportunity.  Today headlines have been circulating announcing that the BBC will start putting adverts into its podcasts, but the good news for us is that this only affects the rest of the world. We Brits will remain totally ad-free. Read More >>

Relive These Scientists’ Year Inside a Simulated Mars on a Hawaiian Volcano With This New Podcast

An igloo-looking habitat sits on a volcano’s rocky soil. Six astronauts have been living there isolated for months, doing geologic field work. It takes around twenty minutes for any message to travel between the habitat and Earth. Read More >>

Marvel Is Making a Serial-Like Murder Mystery Podcast Starring Richard Armitage as Wolverine

You can’t swing a severed arm laced with adamantium these days without hitting someone who has a new podcast. Everyone’s gotten into the game these days and Marvel’s Wolverine is no exception. Beginning next year, Marvel will launch The Long Night, its first scripted podcast styled after WBEZ’s Serial. And it’ll star The Hobbit’s Richard Armitage. Read More >>

Podcast Vigilantes Free Swedish Man After 13 Years in Prison

Swedish man Kaj Linna is out of prison after 13 years, and it's all thanks to the most modern form of salvation from the clink -- modern kids and their meddling podcasts. Read More >>

Smithsonian Launches New Podcast About Technology, History, and Museums

Smithsonian has launched a new podcast called Sidedoor that takes listeners behind the scenes at the museums. The first episode, called Tech Yourself, looks at technology. And to be honest, the episode takes a while to get interesting. But it’s definitely worth a listen. Read More >>

The Best Podcast Apps Aren’t What You Think

When you’re tired of your music library and audiobooks, podcasts are there to fill the void. There’s never been a greater choice of podcasts to subscribe to either. What you need next is a rock-solid, feature-packed podcast player you can rely on, and we’ve picked out seven of the best for your consideration. Read More >>

Serial Recap, Episode One: “Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown”

Rejoice, for Serial has returned. The second season of the popular podcast is here, with a new case to try in the court of public opinion. Focused on the disappearance of Private Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan, this time around Serial is going big. Buckle up, kids. Read More >>

You Can Listen to the New Season of Serial Right Now

It’s been a year since the first season of Serial reached its conclusion. But now armchair detectives everywhere can immerse themselves in the new, second season because you can download the first episode right now. Read More >>

Could Spotify Podcasts Finally Make Money From the Medium?

Last night Spotify announced a raft of new features, no doubt in preparation for the forthcoming showdown with a relaunched Beats streaming service from Apple. One of the big announcements was the inclusion of Spotify podcasts (or “audio shows”, as the press releases insists on calling them). And this could be big news for podcasters, as it could solve one of the biggest problems in podcasting: the fact that it is basically impossible to make any money. Read More >>

Jennicam: Why the First Lifecaster Disappeared From the Internet

Exactly 19 years ago today, a 19-year-old woman name Jennifer Ringley started streaming photos taken from her dorm room and inadvertently invented lifecasting. Then she disappeared from the internet. Read More >>

WNYC Says Why it Deleted its Controversial Podcast on Women in Tech

Earlier this month, we asked a question: Why did WNYC delete an episode of its internet-focused podcast TLDR that criticised Vivek Wadhwa, a professor frequently quoted as an expert on the issue of women in technology? The updated episode is now available online, complete with a painfully tense interview between host Meredith Haggerty and Wadhwa. Read More >>