London is Getting a Pop-up Pokemon Center to Celebrate the Launch of Sword and Shield

Attention Pokemon fans! Get your butts to London this October to visit the UK's first ever Pokémon Center. Yes I know that's not how we spell it on this side of the Atlantic, but that's what the Pokémon Company has decided to call it so you're going to have to grin and bear it. Read More >>

If Eating and Drinking Pokémon is Something You’ve Fantasised About, This Pop-up Bar is for You

The pop-up Pokémon bar that travels between the UK and the US is coming to a handful of cities on this side of the pond this November and December. Read More >>

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In the Latest Trailer For Mewtwo Strikes Back, Begun, the Clone Wars Have

Detective Pikachu isn’t the only Pokémon movie with a funky use of CG coming out this year. Fans are also getting a new take on a Pokéclassic. Read More >>

Corgi With Perfectly Heart-Shaped Corgi Butt Spotted in Pokémon Sword and Shield

There have been a slew of exciting announcements from this year's E3, but I'll be buggered if this little tidbit isn't right up there with the best of them. Corgis are coming to Pokémon Sword and Shield and we're thrilled about it. Read More >>

How the Pokémon Games (and Even Avengers: Infinity War) Influenced Detective Pikachu’s Wild Climax

Detective Pikachu is already a pretty weird movie—it’s a noir film for kids starring outlandish creatures, one of which wears an incredibly adorable deerstalker hat. But it takes an even weirder turn for its climactic third act. A turn that required VFX studio MCP to explore not only the games for inspiration, but one of Marvel’s biggest blockbusters. Read More >>

How the Team Behind Detective Pikachu Answered the Existential Questions Around the Movie’s Strangest Pokémon

Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes. Some are cute little sheep, some are giant bugs. Some are gods. Some are ghosts. Some are...your keys? They can get weird. Weird enough that one of the VFX teams behind the movie found themselves asking questions they thought they’d never have to ask themselves. Read More >>

Pokémon Is Making a Game You Play by Sleeping and I’ve Never Felt More Sure of Myself

During an announcement-packed press event in Tokyo this week, the Pokémon Company unveiled a handful of new services and hardware, including what I believe is the clear standout in this collection of new products: a game called Pokémon Sleep. And based on the limited information I have about how it works, I’m confident that I’m going to absolutely kill it at this game. Read More >>

How Detective Pikachu Built Its Adorable Star

For visual effects house MPC, Pikachu stood as the ultimate thesis for its approach to designing the world of Pokémon for Detective Pikachu. Gizmodo recently spoke to MPC VFX supervisor Pete Dionne about his work on Detective Pikachu, and the particular challenges behind bringing the most vital Pokémon to life. Read More >>

Detective Pikachu ‘Leaks’ On YouTube, Seemingly Thanks to Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to the world of leaking, or so people suspect. Someone leaked that Deadpool test footage, and to this day nobody has come forward to accept responsibility. Well there's another leak of sorts happening right now, and at first glance it appears to be a full copy of Detective Pikachu that someone uploaded to YouTube. A copy that has Reynolds' name watermarked onto it, suggesting that it was his personal copy of the film. Read More >>

Bewear Just Became One of the Strongest Pokémon Ever

Unlike in Nintendo’s Pokémon games where legendary Pokémon are so exceedingly rare that most people question whether or not they actually exist, the unique creatures make rather frequent appearances in the franchise’s anime television shows and films, where they’re featured as being integral parts of special stories. Read More >>

The Pokémon of Detective Pikachu, Ranked By Their Horrifying Cuteness

When it was first announced, not a lot of people thought a live-action Pokémon movie could work. And then the trailers for Detective Pikachu collectively blew our socks off by presenting realistically-rendered monsters that trade anime cartoonishness for a frankly incredible mix of adorableness and sheer terror. Read More >>

Nintendo Creates Amazing Pokémon Nail Art For Let’s Go Eevee

Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! is out now, and Nintendo is helping us celebrate with a step-by-step guide to some seriously badass Eevee nail art. Read More >>

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Detective Pikachu Got Remixed With the Voice of Alex Jones and It Just Feels Right Somehow

The trailer for the new Detective Pikachu movie caused a lot of controversy when it first hit the internet on Monday. Ryan Reynolds voices the yellow pocket monster and people are having feelings about that choice. But one Twitter user has now fixed the movie by adding exactly what this film needs: The voice of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Read More >>

Nintendo’s Poké Ball Plus Made Me Wish I Was a Kid Again

With Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, trying to decide if you want to get in on the latest Pokémon game is a relatively straightforward affair. You’re either someone who will get a kick out of a reboot of the original Pokémon games featuring all the new visuals, updated mechanics, and multiplayer features that entails, or you won’t. The more difficult question is for figuring out if you should spring for Nintendo’s new Poké Ball Plus controller for the game because depending on how deeply you love those little pocket monsters, this accessory is much more than a spherical hunk of plastic. Read More >>