Cornish Drone Police Go Full Time

The Devon and Cornwall Police force is looking to up its drone coverage of the counties, with a job listing advertising the permanent position of drone manager -- and saying it heralds the launch of a 24/7 police drone assistance service in the region. Read More >>

New AI Could Turn Police Body Cams Into Nightmare Surveillance Tools

Time and time again, police officers shoot, and sometimes kill, civilians holding harmless objects, later claiming they mistook them for guns: a phone, a bible, and a Wii controller. In early February, police body camera manufacturer Taser announced that it had acquired the artificial intelligence startup Dextro Inc—a “computer vision” research team that claims it can use object recognition software to train officers to better discern actual threats. But privacy experts find the surveillance and profiling possibilities offered by this latest, but certainly not last, upgrade to police body cameras unsettling. Moreover, the question remains: The cameras may be getting smarter, but are they actually making the public safer? Read More >>

Uber’s Secret App for Tracking Cops Sounds Creepy as Hell

Uber’s very bad year just got worse. The New York Times is reporting that the company used secret internal software as well as good old-fashioned cyberstalking to identify law enforcement officials who were investigating Uber’s business practices. The situation is even crazier than it sounds. Read More >>

PSA: Don’t Make Eye Contact In A Police Line-Up If You’re Innocent

We've all heard that looking people in the eye is a great way to make them trust you - you seem like an upstanding human being who has nothing to hide, right? Well, chuck that out the window, because a new study reckons people who look you in the eye during police line-ups are more likely to be picked as guilty - even if they've done nothing wrong. Read More >>

UK Police Blew £20m on Paying Supergrasses

Over the last five years the various police forces of the UK have spent nearly £20m on payouts to members of their networks of informants, with the average criminal pocketing under £100 a pop for grassing up a mate and greasing the wheels of justice. Read More >>

Laser Pen Menaces Face New Government Crackdown

People who like pointing laser pens at things other than bullet points about cost savings in meeting rooms are the target of a new government crackdown, which will make it much easier for the law to punish people caught waving their magic red dot pens at aeroplanes, buses and trains. Read More >>

Report: CCTV System in Washington, DC Was Hacked Before Inauguration

City officials and the Secret Service have confirmed that just days before the presidential inauguration, police surveillance cameras in Washington, DC were targeted by hackers. Reportedly, 70 per cent of the CCTV storage devices were infected with ransomware. Read More >>

Police Suggest Wearable “Wi-Fi Jammers” Might be Better Than Prisons

Young people caught doing something bad might soon have to face a terror worse than prison -- a wearable Wi-Fi jammer that blocks all modern fun and sends them back to the 1980s. Read More >>

British Police Are Being Consulted On Carrying Guns

Could Britain's police officers soon be packing heat? The Metropolitan Police Federation has announced that it is surveying its members on whether they want to carry a gun or a taser. Read More >>

New Policemen Will Soon Need a Degree to Join up

People looking for a career in the police force will soon have to try a bit harder in school, with the College of Policing announcing a plan that'll require all new entrants to the police forces of England and Wales to hold a degree in further education of sorts before being allowed to join. Read More >>

radio history
This Was the Futuristic Police Line-Up of 1931

In the 1930s, audio tech nerds were tinkering with everything. The most futuristic model homes of the day were wired for sound in every room, home audio recording was being introduced, and the LP was invented to use as audiobooks for the blind. And even things we’d consider mundane today got the radio treatment in order to make them high-tech. One of those things was the police line-up, seen above wired for sound in 1931. Read More >>

Thieves Are Using Signal Jammers to Stop Car Doors From Locking

A new sort of modern thievery is being carried out at motorway service stations, and we're not talking about the price asked for a cup of tea and a stale danish pastry in the cafe. Car thieves are using signal jammers to interfere with remote-locking door systems, then making off with the contents of the cars all easy-peasy like. Read More >>

back to the drawing board
Norway’s Experimental Police Uniform Is Silly and Sort of Scary

A public backlash has emerged in Norway in response to a proposed police uniform that’s been compared to outfits worn by science fiction villains and totalitarian dictators. Read More >>

Police to Target Drivers Using Phones at the Wheel With ‘Community Spotters’

Attempts to crack down on drivers illegally using their phones at the wheel haven’t been anywhere near as effective as hoped, and the police are set to introduce new measures in order to catch offenders out. Read More >>

Thames Valley Police May Bring Back the Classic Bobbies’ Hat to Help Short Officers

The classic British police helmet, retired from most services within the UK now, could be about to make a comeback in England, where Thames Valley police is said to be considering returning them to service so its officers stand out better when mingling with crowds of you anti capitalists. Read More >>