Greenpeace Graded at Max Threat Level by the UK’s Counter-Terror Police

Greenpeace activists have been ranked alongside neo-Nazis in the UK's latest counter-terrorism bulletin, with a document distributed to schools and hospitals adding the eco-campaign group – and land-based animal welfare protesters Peta – to a list of potentially radicalising institutions that need watching out for. Read More >>

Scotland Police Roll out Cyber Kiosks Aimed at Data-Mining Your Phone With Ultimate Efficiently

Whether you're cooperating with the cops or have had your phone seized by the fuzz, you won't have to worry about them rifling through your data. Read More >>

It’s Time to Stop Using Police Dogs

One overcast day in February 2016, a massive police motorcade coursed through Pittsburgh. Hundreds of officers mourned one of their own – Officer Aren, a five-year-old German Shepherd, a four-year veteran of the city’s Port Authority force. Read More >>

Police Ask for Ban on Sale of PAYG SIMs to the Anonymous

The easy purchasing of PAYG mobiles and SIMs is making it way too easy for criminals to phone each other up and organise heists, bank robberies and so on, to such an extent that the police thinks the over-the-counter sale of casual connections without thorough ID checks beforehand ought to be banned. Read More >>

Metropolitan London People Not Above Phoning 999 for a Laugh

All those London people in London have been shamed for wasting police time this week, as the Met Police has released stats showing the number of hoax calls its call handlers have fielded this year – and also revealed a few of the stupidest reasons people have dialled the emergency number. Read More >>

Woman Found Dead With A Python Around Her Neck in House Full of 140 Snakes

In a residence purportedly housing 140 other snakes, a woman from Indiana, USA was found dead Wednesday evening with an 8-foot-long python hanging around her neck. Read More >>

Gab and Twitter Served With Search Warrants Over Neo-Nazi Arrested on Child Porn Charges

US federal authorities served search warrants to social network and white supremacist haven Gab as well as Twitter in an investigation into a neo-Nazi arrested for child pornography in the US state of Colorado. Read More >>

Netflix Sued Over Depiction of Controversial Police Interrogation Technique

The firm that officially licenses and teaches a controversial police interrogation method known as the “Reid technique” has filed a defamation lawsuit against Netflix and filmmaker Ava DuVernay for the portrayal of the method in the film When They See Us about the Central Park Five. Read More >>

In Unprecedented Move, Met Police Ban Extinction Rebellion Climate Protests Throughout London

Protests by climate activist group Extinction Rebellion has continued to roil cities around the world, including London. And after shutting down parts of Central London, police banned the group from conducting protests anywhere in the city on Monday evening. The move comes after eight days of protests centred on Trafalgar Square resulted in more than 1,300 arrests across the city. Read More >>

HBO’s Watchmen Wants to Dig into the Heart of American Racism…by Making You Like Cops

The first 15 minutes or so of Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen are some of the most agonising moments of television this year. They squarely focus on the brutalisation of multiple black Americans during the infamous Tulsa race riots in the US state of Oklahoma – a day when mobs of crazed white people descended upon, attacked, and murdered black Oklahomans because they felt empowered to do so. Read More >>

Report: UK and U.S. to Sign Treaty Forcing Platforms Like Facebook to Share Encrypted Chats With Police

The U.S. and UK governments are expected to sign a treaty in October that will force social media platforms based in either of the countries to “disclose encrypted messages from suspected terrorists, paedophiles and other serious criminals” to police in the other, according to The Times. Read More >>

Thief Tries to Outrun Police in Stolen Tractor

A criminal who attempted to steal a tractor overnight in Lincolnshire is currently in custody, thanks to local police obviously winning the low-speed chase that took place between tractor and police car. If it got away they'd never live it down. Read More >>

Police Force Removes Ban on Displaying Tattoos

West Yorkshire Police has lost a long battle to allow its staff to display their inked-on arm sleeve tattoos while on the job, with the federation that represents staff winning the right for officers to display their anchors, hearts, sexy ladies, Chinese lettering for curry sauce or whatever else they may have up their arms while working. Read More >>

Hong Kong Protesters Urge Boycott of Disney’s Mulan Remake After Star’s Pro-Police Comments

Hong Kong is in the midst of political turmoil as anti-government protesters clash with police, and now Disney’s Mulan remake has become an unlikely flashpoint for debate. Read More >>

Ransomware Attack on Forensics Tester Delays Police Investigations

A company called Eurofins Scientific that carries out the bulk of the UK's forensic testing fell victim to a cyberattack in June, and the resulting mess of ransomware that bogged up their systems has caused all manner of chaos with the police's analysis of blood and DNA samples. Read More >>