Hand Sanitiser Alters the Results of Breathalyser Tests in New Experiment

If a police officer pulls you over for driving while intoxicated, you could be brought in for a breath alcohol test. If that happens, you’d better hope the test operator doesn’t slather their hands in an alcohol-based hand sanitiser, first. Read More >>

FBI: Man ‘Thought It Would Be Funny’ to Shine Laser in Pilot’s Eyes, Crashed Car in Chase

Authorities say a California man who was arrested after crashing during a high-speed chase allegedly “thought it would be funny” to flash a laser at a police helicopter, Ars Technica reports. Such laser strikes are dangerous because they can disorient pilots and endanger their passengers and people on the ground. The FAA reports roughly 5,000 laser strikes per year around the country, though this might be the most dramatic and idiotic case yet. Read More >>

Biggest Study of Police Body Cams Yet Finds No Change in Use of Force

A landmark new study following US police officers has found no evidence that body cameras reduce allegations of police misconduct or officer use of force. More than 2,000 police officers participated in the study, making it the largest of its kind in the US. Tracked over several months, Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers with body cameras received roughly the same number of civilian complaints as those without them and reported using force just about as often. Ultimately, the study by Washington, DC’s The Lab concluded that police departments “should not expect dramatic reductions in use of force or complaints, or other large-scale shifts in police behaviour, solely from the deployment of this technology.” Read More >>

Police in Dubai Are Getting Real, Very Dangerous Looking Hoverbikes

Police in Dubai may soon have access to functional hoverbikes, according to AutoBlog, which reported the Dubai Police unveiled the new technology in conjunction with Russian company Hoversurf at the Gulf Information Technology Exposition last week. Read More >>

Police Force’s New DIY Logo Gets a Kicking

Poor old Lincolnshire Police thought it did a good thing in saving public money by whizzing up a new logo in-house at the cost of a few hundred quid, instead of paying some idiots in London with the expensive new Macs £50,000 to do it. But no, everyone thinks the DIY text-based logo with its random blue swoosh is a terrible creation. Read More >>

Citizen, the Creepy Crime-Fighting App Formerly Known as Vigilante, Somehow Gets £9 Million

Citizen, the extremely dubious rebranding of Vigilante—an app which notifies users of 911 reports near them and encourages them to go out and shoot videos of the crimes and their aftermath—has somehow managed to acquire a new round of eight-figure funding. Read More >>

Met Police Tests Hydrogen Powered Scooters

Seven lucky mounted police in London have some new rides to play with, as the city's Met Police is trialling a hydrogen-powered scooter of (a) justice and (b) ecofriendliness. Read More >>

Kalashnikov’s Ominous New Police ‘Shield’ Looks Like Something Out of a Soylent Green Reboot

Kalashnikov Concern, the Russian arms manufacturer best known for its eponymous line of rifles used by militaries and militants alike the world over, has developed a new riot control vehicle which looks like something straight out of a dystopian hellscape, but is unfortunately extremely real. Read More >>

The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit Has the Money to Continue its Kodi-Busting Operations (and More) Until 2019

The UK's Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit just got additional £3.2 million of funding from the Intellectual Property Office, which is enough to see its operations continue until 2019. Read More >>

New Report Finds US Police Have Used Tasers in a Staggering Number of Killings

Axon (the company formerly known as Taser) claims that their stun guns have only directly killed 24 people, and that those deaths were due to falls or fires related to the strikes, not because of shocks to the body. But a new investigative report by Reuters found 1,005 cases in the United States where a person died after police used the weapon on them. Read More >>

Armed Police Will Patrol the V Festival

The calm festival atmosphere might be a little bit more stressful than usual this year at the forthcoming V event, as the local police force has confirmed that armed officers will be patrolling the area. Just in case it all kicks off when Craig David insists on playing 90 minutes of new material. Read More >>

All of London’s Dog Police Staff to Wear Body Cameras

The bad news is the cameras are being worn by the dog handlers and staff, not the actual dogs. The good news is members of the public can request to view any footage they might be featured in within 31 days of it being recorded, so any accused criminals can get a little video memento of their crimes. Read More >>

Cash Cuts Cause Cops To Camp In Coffee Shops

Taking the "I've spent £2.20 on an Americano so now I live here" attitude of some coffee house customers to the extreme, the police will use cafes to conduct meetings with the public. London Mayor Sadiq Khan plans to save as much as £15m by shutting official meeting places around the capital. Read More >>

Motorola’s New Body Cam AI Stops Just Short of Dystopian Surveillance

Unsurprisingly, the latest AI advancement in body camera technology comes no closer to increasing police accountability or officer transparency. As the public’s push for body cameras has died down, tech companies are now making their own appeal for body cameras to the police departments that buy them: offering sharper, smarter surveillance. Read More >>

Apple’s Patented iPhone Panic Button Might Not Make You Much Safer

Could future iPhones come with a built-in panic button to discreetly summon the fuzz? It’s certainly a possibility, judging by Apple’s recent patent filings. Read More >>