Reddit Bans AI-Powered Fake Porn

Following Twitter, Pornhub, Discord, and Imgur, Reddit has taken action to ban the posting of AI-generated fake porn—commonly called “deepfakes.” Read More >>

The Paris Climate Agreement Just Passed a Major Milestone

Good news, Earthlings: the Paris climate agreement had passed a critical milestone toward adoption. At a UN General Assembly meeting in New York this morning, 31 nations officially signed onto the accord, making it very likely that the deal will enter legal force this year. Read More >>

The NSA Can Spy on People With or Without Encryption

The leaders controlling the US surveillance apparatus can’t agree on encryption. FBI Director Comey has characterised it as a safe haven for evil-doers. A high-ranking Department of Justice official insisted that encryption could cause a child to die. Meanwhile, the US National Security Agency’s leaders are extremely chill about encryption — which is pretty alarming. Read More >>

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World Leaders Pull an All-Nighter to Save the Planet

The historic Paris climate talks have reached their eleventh hour, and world leaders are scrambling to put the finishing — but very important — touches on the accord that could save our planet from *dun dun DUUUN* apocalyptic climate change. Read More >>

Solar Storm Defence Plans are Finally Hotting Up

Earthquakes, droughts, and hurricanes are all-too-familiar global occurrences to which societies have grown defensive by educating citizens and coming up with clever infrastructure design. But space weather represents a growing threat to our tech-driven society and it seems finally that the issue is being taken seriously by the world's governments. Read More >>

Here’s a Great Idea to Improve Internet Security

LinkedIn has been the latest hacked password flustercuck. One of the many we know about. There are probably many more that have never been public. Read More >>

Wait, You Can’t do WHAT at the London Olympics? (Updated)

Today in oppressive British finger-wagging we learned that the London 2012 Olympic Games has a pretty extreme "conditions for ticket holders" policy when it comes to social media. Read More >>