Let’s Talk About the Big Social Media News of the Month

It’s been an absolutely bonkers month for social media companies like Facebook and Twitter, with Facebook admitting that they allow politicians to lie in ads on the platform and Twitter opening the floodgates to show users more ads than ever. Just yesterday, Twitter even announced that it was banning all political ads, something that Facebook has refused to do. Read More >>

Jack Dorsey Takes Obvious Opportunity to Backstab Facebook With Twitter Political Ad Ban

Twitter on Wednesday announced a blanket ban on all political and issue-based advertising across its site, with CEO Jack Dorsey stating in a series of tweets that the company had decided to do so because “paying for reach” forces “highly optimised and targeted political messages on people.” Read More >>

Political Facebook Ads Will Now Show Who Paid For Them

In its never-ending quest to regain some respect, Facebook has implemented a new system for political ads on its platform that promises greater transparency. Read More >>

Twitter Reveals New Ad Rules After Enabling Election Propaganda

In response to increased scrutiny over Russia-bought ads that targeted Americans during the 2016 election, Twitter has announced new measures to increase transparency around ads purchased through its service. Read More >>