Nick Clegg Heads to Facebook as VP of Global Policy and Communications

Nick Clegg, previous deputy Prime Minister and Sheffield MP is giving up British politics once and for all... by moving to Silicon Valley to head up Facebook's global policy and communications division. Read More >>

Want a Second EU Referendum? Show Up to the People’s Vote March

Tomorrow is the People's Vote rally in Central London, and it's so important that even MPs are urging people to attend. Read More >>

Facebook’s War Room Is Definitely Managing At Least One Crisis

Somewhere in the heart of Facebook HQ, a shadowy team toils behind the closed doors of what would appear to be an average conference room. This is Facebook’s War Room, and it’s the thin line standing between us and chaos. Read More >>

Twitter Offers Up Semi-Public Database of Known State-Sponsored Accounts 

Somewhat unexpectedly, Twitter announced today that a dataset of tweets, accounts, and media associated with state-sponsored efforts on its platform would be made public. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the data is available only to researchers. Read More >>

Mark Judge’s Book Wasted Now Available for Free on the Internet Archive

Mark Judge’s 1997 book, Wasted: Tales of a GenX Drunk, has become an international focal point as people in America and elsewhere debate the fitness of Judge’s old friend, Brett Kavanaugh. But it’s virtually impossible to buy the out-of-print book, with one copy going for $1,900 (£1,438) on Amazon. Thankfully, the Internet Archive now has a copy that you can read for free, giving us a peek at this unlikely piece of American political history. Read More >>

This 2012 Prediction About Who Would be US President After Obama Made me Laugh Out Loud

There were a lot of incorrect predictions before the 2016 presidential election. A lot of incorrect predictions. Savvy political insiders told us again and again that there was no way Donald Trump was going to become president. But I think I may have found the funniest prediction of them all. Read More >>

Facebook Wants You to Know it Has an Election ‘War Room’

The astonishing scope of election interference on the world’s biggest social platforms came glaringly to light following the 2016 presidential election. The issue is hardly resolved, so it should not come as a surprise that Facebook has created a team—and a room—dedicated to weeding out disinformation in the run-up to the U.S. midterm elections. It’s called—very seriously—the War Room. Read More >>

Wikipedia Editors Fight Over Whether to Include Donald Trump’s Bits in Article About Nintendo’s Toad

Wikipedia is the place where we turn for information on topics large and small. And speaking of small, there’s currently a heated debate going on about whether to include the American president’s penis on the Wikipedia page for the Nintendo character known as Toad. What a time to be alive. Read More >>

Meet The Brexit Doomsday Survivalists Who Are Stockpiling For No Deal

Back in the mid-2000s, when it seemed that the world was still getting incrementally better, one of my favourite things to do was to watch documentaries about and read about crazy survivalists in America. Read More >>

Let’s Be Very Clear About What Breitbart’s Leaked Google Video Shows

The US Republican Party, and conservatives more generally, are upping their attacks on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google over unfounded claims of bias. To date, that’s included cooking up doctored evidence Google blacklisted Donald Trump’s speeches, a string of Trump tweets about fictitious censorship and non-existent “shadow bans,” xenophobic paranoia about Latino voter turnout efforts, and numerous threats of federal investigations. Read More >>

Tim Cook Is The Person Who Can Beat Donald Trump In 2020

It’s the 16th July 2020. The Toyota Centre in Houston, Texas is buzzing. The world’s media has descended on the arena to witness one of the key ceremonial moments in American politics: The Democratic Party is about to officially anoint its candidate in the 2020 election. This is the person who, having won a hard-fought primary campaign, will be spend the next four month sparring with Donald Trump, hoping to take his job. Read More >>

Google Complies With Russian Order to Take Down Opposition Leader’s YouTube Ad

Google took down a YouTube ad for Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny before a vote for regional governors on Sunday and amid protests over President Vladimir Putin’s plans to raise the retirement age for state pensions, the Guardian reported. Read More >>

Despite Everything, You Can Now Buy 3D-Printed Gun Plans Online

The DEFCAD file repository of 3D-printable gun blueprints is live. There, you can buy the plans to print parts for anything from an AR-15 to the plastic Liberator pistol. Defense Distributed, the controversial organisation that wants to enable easier access to firearms, started selling these files last week, despite a day-old court order that forbids it from posting gun blueprints online. Read More >>

Broadcasters Want the UK Government to Create an Independent Social Media Regulator

The government has a pretty turbulent relationship with social media. There's a lot that can be gained from the ease and efficiency of the communication, but social media sites are also poor at regulating themselves and have inevitably devolved into a cesspit where awful people can group together to do and say terrible things (to say the very least). Now British broadcasters have come together to ask that the government increase its oversight of social media with a dedicated watchdog organisation. Read More >>

UK One of Five Countries Calling for Backdoors in Encrypted Messaging, and I Can’t Believe We Still Need to Discuss This

Governments of the world have a testy relationship with encrypted messaging services, to say the least. They don't like the fact that they can't snoop at our private messages remotely, and have been demanding tech companies install backdoors for what seems like forever. If you thought they were quietening down about that topic, you were sadly mistaken, because the Five Eyes intelligence alliance (which includes the UK) have renewed demands that such services install backdoors for government snooping. Read More >>