Parliamentary Groups Want to Guarantee More Rights for Gig Economy Workers

The gig economy has been growing massively over the past few years, with the likes of Uber, Deliveroo, and others gaining popularity. There's always been the issue of workers' rights however. Gig economy platforms insist that its staff are self-employed contractors and not entitled to the benefits they'd get if they were classified as workers. Now two parliamentary groups have called on the government to put a stop to this. Read More >>

Donald Trump’s Administration to Reverse Ban on Some African Elephant Trophies [Updated]

President Donald Trump’s administration is preparing to reverse a Barack Obama-era ban on the importation of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia to the U.S., ABC News reported on Wednesday, in a remarkably petty attack on rules intended to protect species registered under the Endangered Species Act. Read More >>

Cards Against Humanity Sells Out Promotion to Screw Up Donald Trump’s Border Wall in First Day

Cards Against Humanity, the nerd-beloved party game which asks players to respond to a variety of Mad Lib-style prompts with extremely offensive words and phrases, is famous for promotions like selling unsuspecting fans boxes of literal shit. This year, it’s upping the ante (and paying for goodwill with well-meaning liberals who might otherwise feel bad about playing it) with a six-part, $15 holiday promotion claiming to earn participants a role in the #Resistance. Read More >>

Facebook Seemingly Admits Russia Tried to Meddle With the Brexit Vote

Earlier this week we heard about how some confirmed Russian troll accounts on Twitter had been posting pro-Brexit views, while trying to stir up trouble. Now Facebook seems to have admitted that the country did try and meddle with the Brexit vote in some small way. Read More >>

Julian Assange’s Secret DMs to Donald Trump Jr. Are Somehow Dumber, Sadder Than You’d Think

Throughout the 2016 election and for the better part of this year, WikiLeaks sent private messages via Twitter to the president’s deadlifting adult son Donald Trump Jr., according to newly leaked correspondence first reported by The Atlantic. Trump Jr. only occasionally responded and apparently ceased all communication less than a month before the election. Read More >>

Russian Twitter Trolls Seemed to be Pro-Brexit

It's long been suspected that Russia had attempted to influence the US presidential election last year, but since that possibility was looking more and more likely people started asking whether or not the same was attempted with Brexit. According to a report from Wired, it looks like they might have at least tried. Read More >>

Canada’s No-Nonsense Governor General Just Took on Climate Change Deniers, Astrologers

Speaking at a science conference in Ottawa on Thursday, Canada’s newly appointed governor general, Julie Payette, directed some harsh comments towards climate sceptics, astrologists, and believers of “divine intervention.” Critics complained that it’s not the Governor-General’s place to get involved in such matters, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended the speech. Read More >>

Everything We Learned About Russian Election Interference From Facebook, Twitter, and Google

Representatives for Twitter, Facebook, and Google testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee recently about Russian interference on their platforms. Here’s what we learned: Read More >>

Trump Is Going to Declare the Opioid Crisis a ‘Public Health Emergency’

On Thursday, President Trump will announce a major move in the battle against America’s opioid crisis: He will direct that the Department of Health and Human Services declare the opioid crisis a public health emergency. Read More >>

artificial intelligence
Powerful Lobby Group Wants to Keep AI Unregulated

On Tuesday, the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) released its “AI Policy Principles,” in which the lobby group outlined “specific areas where industry, governments, and others can collaborate, as well as specific opportunities for public-private partnership.” In the new document, ITI acknowledged the need for the tech sector to promote the responsible development and use of AI, while calling upon governments to support, incentivise, and fund AI research efforts. But as for letting governments take a peek at an ITI client’s source code, or enact laws to steer the safe and ethical development of AI, that’s something it’s a bit less enthused about. Read More >>

fake news
UK Officials Want to Know if Russia Tampered With the Brexit Referendum

After it was revealed that Russia might have meddled with the US presidential election last year, some people started thinking "if they meddled there, could they have meddled in the Brexit vote?" Lots of investigations have happened with regard to the US election, but not so much Brexit. So officials have decided to find out. Read More >>

Arnold Schwarzenegger Thinks Last Action Hero Bombed Because Of Bill Clinton

Remember Last Action Hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1993 heavily meta action comedy with a frenetic, Shane Black sensibility to it? Though it has reached cult status in the years since, it didn't do too hot upon initial release. And over twenty years later, its star has a theory why. Read More >>

Drone Video of Trump’s Border Wall Prototypes Accidentally Shows How Worthless the Wall Would Be

US Customs and Border Protection recently released video of President Trump’s border wall prototypes in San Diego. And we couldn’t help but notice something strange from the video. It shows a bird’s-eye view of the wall from the perspective of a drone. And the drone is much, much higher than the wall. Read More >>

Facebook and Twitter Deleted Data Tied to Russian Accounts That Targeted 2016 US Election Voters

Data that may have proved critical to investigations into Russia-funded North American political ads appear to have been tossed by Facebook and Twitter into the proverbial shredder. Read More >>

Mensa, an Association of Ostensible Geniuses, Takes Donald Trump’s Bait

The ongoing feud between President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reached absolutely bizarre, reality-bending levels this week, with Trump responding to reports Tillerson had called him a “moron” by suggesting that they could “compare IQ tests ... I can tell you who is going to win.” Read More >>