The Hunt is on, Again: Why Now is the Time to Revive 2019’s Most Controversial Movie

Normally, if a person with over 70 million Twitter followers mentions your movie, it’s a good thing. But when that person is the President of the United States and he says your movie is meant “to inflame and cause chaos” without even seeing it, it’s anything but. That happened last summer with Universal and Blumhouse’s The Hunt. Read More >>

Politicians Paying Influencers for Memes Doesn’t Count as Political Advertising, says Facebook

Facebook has been very busy trying to present itself as a blameless arbiter of truth and fairness for the past couple of years, and one of its initiatives to try to correct the way it has arguably ruined society is to publicly list ads paid for by political parties and candidates, because transparency. Read More >>

Brexit is Being Rebranded With the Foreign Office Given New Lexicon to Adopt

As is typical when a PR nightmare occurs, those involved want to distance themselves from the offending incident as much as possible. Which is what appears to be happening based on a new directive delivered to Foreign Office staff. Read More >>

european union
Ryanair Would Rather Hire People With EU Passports

Ryanair is trying to convince people to work for it, although there's one massive metaphorical security barrier in place that makes it awkward for young Brits to imagine a new career among the clouds -- the requirement that applicants have full access rights to live and work in the EU. Read More >>

Tories Want to Defy Boris Johnson’s Decision on Huawei’s Involvement in UK’s 5G Network

The UK's final decision on Huawei's involvement in its 5G infrastructure was made this week with a unanimous decision from the government following a national security council meeting, but some Tories aren't happy. Read More >>

UK Says to Hell With Trump, and Says Huawei is A-Okay

There has been an absurd amount of umming and arring about Huawei and the role it may or may not play in the UK's 5G rollout. The Americans, being American, have been pushing the government to ban Huawei from having any part of the system, while the telecoms providers would quite like to continue using them as they always have. Now the government has made a final decision, announcing that using Huawei kit is alright after all. Read More >>

Brexit 50p Very Nearly Definitely About to Happen

This is the third-last story we'll ever do about the interminable process of manufacturing and releasing the commemorative Brexit 50p coin, as the chancellor has revealed the final form of the on/off coin with its new EU exit date of January 31 stamped on. Read More >>

US Ambassador Slaps Chlorinated Chicken Back on the Table

The US ambassador to the UK has once again made the bizarre request that our food borders should be opened to America's chlorine-rinsed meat products, and has called for our Food Standards Agency to kill off the issue once and for all by rubber stamping the chlorination process as totally fine for use in imported foodstuffs. Read More >>

star trek
Leave Star Trek Alone, You Piece of Shit

The similarities between Donald Trump’s newly revealed United States Space Force logo and the logo for Star Trek’s Starfleet are uncanny. Read More >>

Journalist Charged With Cybercrimes After Embarrassing Officials in Brazil

Journalist firebrand Glenn Greenwald has been charged with cybercrimes by federal prosecutors in Brazil, according to a new report from the New York Times. Greenwald recently helped expose corruption in the Brazilian government through a series of stories at the Intercept that included leaked messages highly embarrassing for senior government officials. Read More >>

Vodafone and BT Join Forces to Tell PM That Banning Huawei is Bullshit

With just a couple of weeks left before the UK has to make its decision on Huawei, the two telecoms giants have stepped into the fray. Read More >>

EU Trade Commissioner Calls Bullshit on US Threats Over Huawei

This will-they-won't-they nonsense surrounding the UK's decision on Huawei because of pressure from the US needs to end because Trump is bluffing, says EU trade commissioner Phil Hogan. Read More >>

Boris Bungles Big Ben Brexit Bong Crowdfunding

After an incoherent rambling about how the public should "bung a bob for a Big Ben bong" to mark the passing of Brexit without running it past anyone, Boris is having to backtrack. Read More >>

The US is Still Harping on About the UK’s Final Decision on Huawei

As the UK nears the deadline on its decision on whether to use Huawei kit in its 5G network, the US has reportedly just pulled new evidence out of its arse. Which is a surprise, as thus far, it's had bugger all. Read More >>