Labour Tries to Win Us Over By Flaunting Extra Bank Holidays

If there's one thing that we have in common as a nation, it's that we love a free day off work. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is trying to score votes by taking advantage of our love for bank holidays by promising an extra four every year. Read More >>

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All the Reasons Why John Carpenter’s Cult Classic They Live Is as Timely as Ever

In 2015, John Carpenter called They Livea documentary.” Though his cult classic is nearly 30 years old, its themes of surveillance, income inequality, and the sinking suspicion that the people in charge are way more sinister than we ever realised still feel very potent. A new short doc examines why. Read More >>

Exclusive: Brexit Could Make Cleaning Up Britain’s Nuclear Waste Harder

As Britain tumbles towards the hardest Brexit, the debate is dominated by what the fateful referendum could mean for British business, and jobs - but these aren’t the only weighty matters that we should be thinking about. Read More >>

Julian Assange Tweets About Running in the General Election

We're having an election on June 8th (yay?), as Theresa May looks to shore up support before things really get messy with Brexit. But an unlikely person has just floated the idea of running for British Parliament. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange just asked his followers on Twitter if he should run for election. Read More >>

Wait, Does Donald Trump Know the Leader of North Korea’s Name?

The United States stands on the brink of war with North Korea. As Vice President Pence said yesterday, the “era of strategic patience is over.” But it’s becoming increasingly clear that President Trump might not know the name of North Korea’s leader. Seriously. Read More >>

We’re Having A General Election In June

Unelected PM Theresa May has surprised us all by announcing this morning that there'll be a general election on the 8th of June. Read More >>

How Not to Protect Your Privacy Online

Privacy advocates across the country let out a collective sob a few weeks ago week when the US Congress dismantled a set of Obama-era internet privacy rules. In effect, the US government just just gave big telecom companies unfettered access to residents' browsing history and will even let ISPs sell that data for profit. While this won't affect us here in the UK, things like the Snooper's Charter mean we have our own privacy concerns to worry about. Read More >>

1 In 3 Brits Persuaded To Vote By What They See On Social Media

Research into how smartphones and tech improve our lives has shown that social media makes a massive difference to whether or not we vote. Read More >>

Trump Administration Backs Down From Order to Unmask ‘Rogue’ Twitter Critic

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CPB) has now withdrawn its outrageous and unconstitutional order demanding Twitter give up user data on an account frequently critical of the Trump administration. Read More >>

Donald Trump Interrupts Star Wars to Provoke Actual War

The press along for the ride on Air Force One today decided to take advantage of the fact that Rogue One was just released on DVD in the US. And they kind of forgot to pause the movie while President Donald Trump addressed the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government. Read More >>

Twitter Sues Trump Administration Over Order to Unmask ‘Rogue’ Agency Account

Twitter just filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security and US Customs and Border Protection over an attempt by those agencies to unmask an anonymous Twitter account, @ALT_uscis, that is frequently critical of United States immigration policy. Read More >>

EXCLUSIVE: Experts Slam “Bonkers” Proposal To Re-Introduce Imperial Measurements After Brexit, In Letters To Government

Brexit, it turns out, wasn’t just about screwing the economy - last June’s vote has also ignited a fully blown culture war. Read More >>

Stickers on F1 Cars to Make Britain GREAT Again

The government's come up with an idea on how to get all those troublesome world economies to cut us some favourable trade deals and to keep people coming here on holiday to see the buses -- putting stickers on cars. Read More >>

5 Things That Would REALLY Happen At The Pepsi Protest

Pepsi is in hot water this morning - which will make it way less refreshing - as it has made possibly the most poorly conceived advert in recent times. In the ad, young, attractive protesters are seen protesting an ambiguous cause - presumably sugar taxes - before one protester, played by model Kendall Jenner, offers one of the policemen a Pepsi. Read More >>