MPs Demand Regulation of Facebook

A cross-party committee looking into the spread of "disinformation and fake news" on omnipresent blue social network Facebook is asking for the site to be regulated, if something like that is indeed even the slightest bit possible. Read More >>

Heathrow Stockpiles Rubber Gloves for Post-Brexit Cavity Searches

The UK rubber glove manufacturing industry is not what it once was, hence Heathrow airport says it's starting to build up a stockpile of the hand prophylactics in case of a supply chain collapse post-Brexit. Read More >>

Student Confesses to Dumping the Data of Hundreds of German Politicians 

Last week, public figures in Germany experienced the “biggest data dump” in the country’s history. Following a remarkably swift investigation, authorities say they have obtained a confession from the person responsible. Quieting fears that the doxxing attack against hundreds of politicians was state-sponsored, it appears the culprit is a 20-year-old high school student. Read More >>

ces 2019
Trade Secretary Brexit Heckled at CES

Dr Liam Fox, who has business cards that say he's the Secretary of State for International Trade, got a bit of a shouting at at CES, thanks to his support for the interminably tedious ongoing Brexit process. Read More >>

Danny Dyer to Smash Out Channel 4’s Alternative Christmas Message

Danny Dyer has a nice Christmas present for GIF enthusiasts the country over, as he's been roped in to give Channel 4's alternative Christmas address to the nation. Subtitles on. Capture tools at the ready. Let 'em 'ave it, Danbo. Read More >>

Question Time Named Most Tweeted-About BBC Show Of 2018

It looks like 2018's aesthetic of Everything Is On Fire has been good for public engagement in politics: Question Time has just been named the most-tweeted-about BBC show of the year. Read More >>

Nigerian President Says He’s Not a Clone Which Is Probably Something a Clone Would Say

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is not a clone. At least he says he’s not a clone. Buhari made the assertion in a Facebook post on Sunday to counter rumours that he actually died and was secretly replaced by a lookalike. Which is exactly what a clone would say, right? I mean, come on. That’s textbook clone behaviour. Read More >>

Facebook’s New Political Ad Guidelines Are Now in Effect

A little while ago Facebook announced it was making changes to the way people could buy political ads in the UK, showcasing who paid from them and in the process highlight whether they had any ulterior motives. Those plans were put on hold on 7th November after Facebook failed to account for the fact people can and will lie when given the opportunity, but today the revised rules have come into force. Read More >>

MPs Get Passive Aggressive by Leaving an Empty Seat for Mark Zuckerberg at Fake News Inquiry

It is no secret that Facebook is getting all sorts of shit from governments about its attitude to privacy and how it's supposed to be tackling the spread of fake news. Our own government has repeatedly asked Mark Zuckerberg to show up, even getting some other governments in on the action, but to no avail. Now they're getting very British about the whole thing, by passive aggressively assigning the Facebook chairman his own seat. Read More >>

MPs Told “No Ball Games” in the House of Commons

A group of female MPs decided to have an impromptu kickabout in the House of Commons after work one evening, to promote the fact that there is a women's parliamentary football team and also to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of women being allowed to vote. But a big old angry and traditional MAN told them off for doing so. Read More >>

PayPal: What If We Banned Both Sides

Payment processing giant PayPal terminated accounts belonging to the far-right Proud Boys organisation and its founder, Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes, this week in what seemed to be a response to their involvement in a street brawl in New York and well-documented history of violence elsewhere. But it also banned a number of anti-fascist groups across the country, including Antifa Atlanta, Antifa Sacramento, and the Anti-Fascist Network. The company has declined to comment on why aside from citations of its TOS and vague comparisons between antifa and others it has banned, like far-right activist Tommy Robinson. Read More >>

game of thrones
HBO Would Like Donald Trump to Stop Using Game of Thrones Memes to Stoke Fear Ahead of US Elections

Days ahead of the U.S.’s important midterm elections, Donald Trump has continued on his crusade to stoke fear in the hearts of America's conservatives with blatant lies and racism. Over the weekend, that took the form of a Game of Thrones meme that HBO is none too pleased about. Read More >>

MPs Try Again to Get Zuckerberg Over For a Formal Chat

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee is having another go at persuading Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg to come over for a terribly awkward chat about data and suchlike, and is hoping it has come up with a new carrot to dangle in front of him to make him pay the UK a visit – the Canadians are coming to this summit too, so there'll be people there speaking his language. Read More >>

Nick Clegg Heads to Facebook as VP of Global Policy and Communications

Nick Clegg, previous deputy Prime Minister and Sheffield MP is giving up British politics once and for all... by moving to Silicon Valley to head up Facebook's global policy and communications division. Read More >>

Want a Second EU Referendum? Show Up to the People’s Vote March

Tomorrow is the People's Vote rally in Central London, and it's so important that even MPs are urging people to attend. Read More >>