Evolution Will No Longer Be Taught in Turkish Schools

Claiming that evolution is “debatable, controversial, and too complicated for students,” Turkey’s board of education has decided to stop teaching Darwinian natural selection in its schools. The move has infuriated the country’s secular opposition, but it could embolden other countries to do the same. Read More >>

Happy Brexit Day! Here’s What Happened After One Year Of Taking Back Control

Today marks one year to do the day since Britain patriotically voted to throw off the shackles of Brussels and go it alone in the world as a free, independent nation. “Today is our Independence Day!” declared hero of the hour Nigel Farage upon winning. Read More >>

Queen’s Speech: Here Are The Government’s Tech Plans For The Next Two Years

It’s that time again. Time to wake up a poor, 91 year old woman and force her to get dressed up and read out a bunch of proposed laws in front of hundreds of old people wearing ermine robes. Yep, this morning was the State Opening of Parliament, and a chance for Theresa May to outline what she plans to do for the next two years… you know, assuming she isn’t forced to resign or call another election. Read More >>

Dad Regrets Buying Kids Something More Interesting Than He Is

A dad in Colorado bought his tweens smartphones and now he regrets it. This is not an uncommon sentiment from parents. My mom regretted buying my brother a Nokia in 2001, buying my sister an old car in 1997, and on more than on occasion she’s regretted bringing me into the world. But most parents bottle up their regret and save it for holiday meals. Tim Farnum of Colorado has elected to be more productive with his regret, channelling it into the creation of the group Parents Against Underage Smartphones (PAUS) and launching a ballot in initiative in his home state that would ban smartphone sales to persons under the age of 13. Read More >>

Our Crumbling Democracy Will Continue In A Crumbling Parliament

There may be a delay to starting the much-needed refurbishment to the Houses of Parliament. They were due to start in 2022, but the Conservatives may put the plans on hold because of concerns over their ability to get acts through parliament. Read More >>

The 2017 General Election, Retold With GIFs

This year has been a bit of an odd one, from a political standing. We just finished off a General Election, a mere two years after the country last went to the polls to decide who should, and shouldn't, represent us in parliament. The whole situation has been a bit... mental, to say the least. Now that everything is over, and with people wondering what happens next, we decided to look back at the whole election situation and re-enact everything with GIFs. Because GIFs are the superior form of communication. Read More >>

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Yet Another News Reporter Calls Hunt A C*nt

The Conservative Party recently didn't fully-win a general election, in large part because the British public feel very strongly about the NHS. In particular, they are displeased with the trend of dismantling our health service and replacing it those run for-profit by the private sector. So when a broadcast journalist recently said "cunt" instead of "Hunt" it was somehow perfect. Read More >>

Here’s Evidence The Telegraph Campaign To Recommission the Royal Yacht Is Dead In The Water

So, the election is over and it is safe to say that it is now fully concluded, with no big repercussions to worry about, umm… right? Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Lord Buckethead, the Spacelord Star of the General Election

The United Kingdom woke up this morning to a shocking upset for Prime Minister Theresa May, and a hung Parliament—an outcome where no party managed to achieve a singular majority. But if you tuned in to the coverage, you may have been less perplexed by the electoral system than Lord Buckethead. Read More >>

Theresa May Re-Commits To Screwing The Internet In First Post-Election Address

Good news! The disaster that is Brexit could be mitigated by the election results. Read More >>

The EU Wants to Make it Easier for Police to Access Electronic Data Stored in Other EU Countries

In news that would likely make Theresa May second guess her commitment to Brexit, the EU has announced that it was to speed up the processes that let police retrieve electronic evidence stored in other EU countries by US-based tech companies. Read More >>

Facebook Could Rig The General Election… And We Wouldn’t Even Notice

“Don't chuck Britain in the Cor-Bin” is the headline on the front of The Sun today, as Britain goes to the polls. “Lies, damned lies and Theresa May”, is the Mirror’s counter - instead urging readers to vote Labour. As a glance at the papers will show, almost all of the dead tree press has endorsed a party in the election, in a bid to influence the way you vote. Read More >>

This Tactical Voting Chatbot Could Flip Several Key Seats Today

A clever Facebook chatbot might be about to change the results of the election in several key constituencies. Read More >>

42% Of Non-Voters Want To Vote Online

People who don't vote say they would be more likely to if they could do so online, according to a survey of 1,700 eligible voters by Apparently it's the 35 to 44-year olds who are most keen to vote online - arguably the first age group to really use the internet in any significant numbers. Read More >>

US TV Creator Apologises for Trump With Free Pints

David Simon, a name you might remember popping up during the credits of cult US TV show The Wire, has tried in his own little way to ensure the "Special Relationship" between the UK and his home country survives the current political quagmire. He bought random British people pints to apologise for his people inflicting Trump on the world. Read More >>