A Fifth of Americans are “Almost Constantly” Online. And You?

A new poll by the Pew Research Center shows that Americans are spending an increasing amount of time on the internet: and 21 per cent of US citizens polled report being online pretty much all the time. Read More >>

Betting Firm’s Culpable Homicide Joke Voted 2014’s Worst Advert

Controversy-skirting, 1990s-lad-humour-based betting chain Paddy Power has picked up a slightly dubious honour, thanks to its joke about Oscar Pistorious walking away from his murder charge receiving a whopping 5,525 complaints. Read More >>

Bristol Beats Loudmouth London to Win “Best” UK City Title

The Sunday Times has pulled together a seemingly arbitrary list of reasons why living in a particular urban spot might make you happy, deciding that the evidence points to Bristol as being the finest city in the UK. Read More >>

Sorry Other Gamers—Xbox Users Are Better At Sex

Looks like all those sleepless nights cosied up next to the tender warmth only an Xbox can provide have finally paid off. For you, noble Xbox user, have officially been crowned the Sexy Time Champ. Read More >>

Monopoly’s Iron Token Is Dead, Long Live the Cat

Hasbro took a vote, and the internet has spoken. The ballots have been counted, and the people have said F the iron — the new Monopoly token will be a cat. Read More >>

YouTube is Top “Brand” Among the Students — Greggs Only 19th

Google's online video sharing service has been voted the top international brand by the UK youth, with a representative sample of the nation's 18 to 24-year-olds picking it ahead of the likes of Apple, Facebook and the rest of the fashionable online crowd. Read More >>

DIY Chain Wickes Voted UK’s Coolest Brand

A panel of 3,000 consumers and 39 "experts" have decided upon what they believe to be the UK's coolest brand, with discount DIY superstore Wickes winning the crown. Actually, no. It was Apple. They chose Apple. They always choose Apple. Read More >>

Will You Miss Best Buy UK?

Gizmodo UK readers, you are this country's savviest tech-purchasers. But how many of you have actually set foot in one of the UK's 11 Best Buy stores, let alone actually bought anything? Judging by the comments I've seen so far, not many of you are surprised to hear the US company is pulling out of the UK market, blaming poor locations and not-low-enough prices. Come give your two penn’orth here: Read More >>