The Staggering Amount of Plastic We’ve Produced—And What We’ve Done With It

Scientists have calculated the total amount of plastic ever made. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot. But what’s even more disturbing is where all this plastic is ending up. Read More >>

What the Hell is this Sponge-Like Crap Washing Up on France’s Shores?

Late last week, strange sponge-like clumps began washing ashore in northern France. By the weekend, thousands of the foamy yellow balls were seen along nearly 20 miles of the coastline. Local authorities aren’t sure where the unsightly stuff is coming from, and an investigation is currently underway. Read More >>

Scientists Discover How Diesel Could Pollute Less Than Petrol

Diesel cars fitted with modern particle filters and catalysts emit fewer carbon emissions than their petrol counterparts, new research suggests. Read More >>

The Black Death May Have Had a Surprising Effect on the Environment

From 1347 to 1351, a nightmare disease ravaged Europe, afflicting victims with putrid black boils, fevers, vomiting, and in short order, death. Daily life ground to a halt as the Black Death spread along medieval trade routes, claiming an estimated 20 million lives with ruthless efficiency. Now, a team of researchers is asserting that the plague had an unexpected impact: clearing the air of a toxic pollutant for the first time in over a thousand years. Read More >>

London’s Air Declared Deadly Toxic Today

Our miniature little heatwave is wreaking havoc with the air quality of our cities, with London's mayor declaring today a stinked-up crisis best avoided. Read More >>

Taking a Side Street Halves Exposure to Fumes

Taking the long way round and avoiding busy traffic routes can halve your exposure to air pollution, with the simple creation of clean air pathways through cities having the potential to drastically limit the amount of black stuff people breathe in -- and the drivers get to keep their lovely cars so everyone's happy. Read More >>

We All Live On Garbage Island

You might think you were born in Didcot, or Durham, or some sleepy suburb outside Birmingham—but let me tell you, friend, you’re wrong. In a sense, we were all spawned on a tiny island full of rubbish, floating miserably far, far out there. Only now are we beginning to understand the horrifying gravity of what our garbage species hath wrought. Read More >>

Air Pollution in Subway Systems May Be Much Worse Than We Realised

As anyone who has ridden the underground knows, the air down there is unpleasant. New research done in Canada shows that air pollution levels in Toronto’s subway system are ten times greater than those above ground. It’s a troubling realisation for subway-goers, but there are ways to keep these underground systems clean. Read More >>

Diesels are Nice, Say the People Who Make Them

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has done a list feature. No one told them it's OK to do a top 12 or a 17, so they did an old fashioned round 10 list of reasons why diesel cars shouldn't be blamed for all the ills of modern society. Read More >>

Speed Bumps are Bad Now

We might be about to come to the end of the speed bump epoch of British society, as the government is said to be about to encourage councils to remove them in order to speed up traffic flow and reduce local pollution. Read More >>

Government May Expand Congestion Charge to Everywhere Stinky

The government is keen on having some of the same riches that London hoovers up via its congestion charge scheme, and is considering introducing the idea of forcing commercial drivers and some car owners to pay to drive through the middle bits of towns and cities to 35 locations across the country. Read More >>

Smog-Filtering Screens Will Make Our Polluted Future Slightly More Tolerable

As our newly-elected leaders do everything they can to roll back environmental regulations, the future is looking more and more like a smog-filled dystopia. But not all scientific progress has ground to a halt. Scientists at National University of Singapore have created a transparent smog-filtering window screen that could make our lives a little less wheezy. Read More >>

Prams Need Lids to Block Pollution, Say Scientists

Babies being ferried about the urban streets in prams should be placed inside some sort of bubble to protect them from air pollution, according to researchers looking into the ways the little person transporters inadvertently hoover up bad air while pottering around. Read More >>

carbon tax
UK Carbon Emissions Are Now Lower Than In 1894

UK climate website Carbon Brief has declared after a thorough analysis of UK data that CO2 emissions fell by almost 6% in 2016, putting us at the lowest level since 1894 (not including strikes). Read More >>

VW’s Emissions Cheating Accused of Triggering 1,200 Premature Deaths

Volkswagen's fiddling of emissions data on its cars could have bad repercussions for up to 1,200 Europeans, with researchers suggesting that's the number of premature deaths that could be caused by the group's cars pumping out of extra fumes. Read More >>