We Still Have a Shot to Save Ourselves From Plastic Doom

The world is on track to triple the amount of plastic we dump into the ocean in just two decades. But if civic and business leaders get their shit together to curb the global plastics crisis, we could reduce that rate by 80%, according to two new reports on Thursday. Read More >>

The Thames is Polluted Once Again

The good news about the post-industrial cleaning up of the Thames is about to come to a crashing halt, as the river's now been revealed as one of the most polluted in Europe; courtesy of the new modern evil that is plastic, and it's evil son microplastic. Read More >>

Russian River Runs Orange After a Catastrophic Mine Spill

Russian Instagram blogger Sergey Zamkadniy usually posts images of beautiful sunsets or riverine adventures. His latest work, however, shows a disaster unfolding in real-time. An abandoned mine in Russia’s Ural Mountains has tainted streams orange. Read More >>

Cars Emit More Than Carbon Pollution – They Release Microplastic, Too

When you take your car for a spin, it’s not just emitting particulate matter and greenhouse gases. The wear and tear of your car’s tyres and brakes release microplastic, which winds, rains, and snow can carry to the most remote parts of the world. Read More >>

The Lie Behind Plastic Pollution is That We’re Responsible

In the midst of a mounting plastic crisis, the biggest plastic polluters keep pushing better consumer recycling behaviors as the solution. The plastic waste problem is not going to be solved by doubling down on our efforts to educate the public to recycle better. It can be solved by policies that prevent hard-to-recycle items from ever being created and requiring producers to take responsibility for the waste their products become. Read More >>

Pollution Is Racial Violence

In 1982, protests against a toxic dump site in Warren County, North Carolina, in the US kicked off what we know today as the “environmental justice movement.” Many in this rural community contended Warren County was chosen as the site because most of its citizens were Black and poor. Read More >>

Plants Can Absorb Tiny Plastic Pieces Through Their Roots, Study Finds

Nothing seems safe from the grips of plastic these days. Not national parks, not oceans, and, according to new findings, not even plants. The study, published today in Nature Nanotechnology, found that plants can absorb the tiniest bits of plastic through their roots. It shows the wide-ranging ways that plastic can impact the natural world. Read More >>

Catastrophic Diesel Fuel Spill in Siberia Prompts State of Emergency

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared a state of emergency after an estimated 20,000 tonnes of diesel fuel poured out of a fuel tank and into a nearby river. The spill – possibly the worst of its kind in the Arctic region – is being attributed to melting permafrost, yet another sad impact of climate change. Read More >>

More Cars Banned From School Drops Under School Streets Scheme

More councils than ever are joining the School Streets scheme, which allows them to ban parent-cars from picking up and dropping off their children. Read More >>

The Seafloor Is Absolutely Littered in Microplastic

Plastic garbage floating on the ocean may draw the most outrage, but it accounts for just 1 per cent of the 10 million tonnes of plastic that get into the world’s oceans every year. The rest of it ends up in the deep ocean, and new research has revealed where it’s accumulating. Read More >>

Just Walking Around in Polyester Clothes Sheds Tonnes of Microplastic Pollution

Washing your clothes made from synthetic fabrics like acrylic, nylon, and polyester causes them to shed hundreds of thousands of microplastic fibres. Now, new research shows that just wearing synthetic clothes could release more microfibres than washing them. Read More >>

Countries Move to Stop Empty “Ghost Flights”

The coronavirus pandemic has put many of the worst things about the global economy into sharp relief. The Trump administration is considering prioritising oil companies over healthcare, New York is paying people in prison less than a dollar an hour to make hand sanitiser, and internationally, airlines are flying empty “ghost” flights across Europe, wasting thousands of gallons of greenhouse gas-emitting fuel in the process. Read More >>

Air Quality Protesters Hack London Road Signs With A4 Paper and Big Fonts

A bit of low-key guerilla environmental protesting has been spotted in London, where road signs with letter Os and Ns in them are being altered to contain references to urban horror pollutant nitrogen dioxide. Read More >>

Coke, Pepsi and Other Big Brands are Being Sued for Contributing to the Plastic Crisis

Some of the world’s biggest food, beverage and consumer goods companies are being sued for their contributions to plastic pollution. Read More >>

York Plans a Car-Free City Centre by 2023

York is planning to join Bristol in attempting to outlaw cars from its city centre, although York's scheme goes quite a bit further than making diesel drivers feel a bit unwelcome, as it's planning to restrict all forms of combustion car from its densely packed historical maze of a centre. Read More >>