Electric Scooters May Become Road/Pavement Legal in Near-ish Future

The government's about to start a full review of the UK's transportation laws, under the wing of what's being referred to as the Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy. Read More >>

How We Turned Gulls Into Trash Birds

For most of his life, British author and BBC radio producer Tim Dee has been a birdwatcher. But it’s not finches and sparrows that have captured his heart—it’s gulls, those large, squawking sea birds with a fondness for discarded chips. While many of us think of gulls as little more than flying rats, Dee is loves to study gull behaviour in landfills across Britain. He also helps to net and ring them for scientific research. Read More >>

A U.S. City Just Granted Legal Rights to a Lake

Crystal Jankowski went into labor during the 2014 water crisis in Toledo, Ohio. The city’s 276,000 residents couldn’t use their tap water at all for a weekend in August – no drinking, bathing, nada. The water, supplied by Lake Erie, had become toxic due to the lake’s dangerous algae overgrowth. Read More >>

Samsung Will Start Making the Switch to More Sustainable Packaging in 2019

Our plastic pollution problem is absolutely out of control. We know it’s bad, and the companies selling us shit know it’s bad. Samsung Electronics on Sunday announced that it will join a growing number of companies kicking plastic packaging as they shift toward more sustainable options. Read More >>

Smog-Choked Bangkok Is Going to Make It Rain

In the capital of Thailand, a bout of toxic air has gotten so bad that officials are planning to literally make it rain to combat the smog. Read More >>

Health Experts Want Petrol and Diesel Cars Off Sale by 2030

A super-hero troupe consisting of members of many of the UK's highest medical professions has waded into the air pollution debate, with this bunch of surgical-mask-wearing vigilantes demanding that the deadline to end sales of petrol and diesel cars is brought forward to 2030. Read More >>

You Might Soon Have to Get Straws from a Pharmacy

Britain's Gurner-In-Chief Michael Gove has announced that plastic items including cotton buds, straws and stirrers may be banned in England (only) within a year. Read More >>

Mass Die-Off of Orcas Feared Due to Chemicals Banned in the ’70s

A group of industrial chemicals humans started banning decades ago could cause many of the world’s orca whale populations to collapse over the next century, an alarming new study has found. Read More >>

Polluted Air Linked to Higher Likelihood of Dementia

British researchers trying to isolate potential triggers for dementia have discovered a grim connection between living in the country's most polluted spots and developing the condition, with people who breathe in the dirtiest air pockets seeing their risk of dementia rising by 40 per cent. Read More >>

A Few London Roads Live the No Petrol Engines Dream

A handful of streets in London are about to get slightly less grimy and stinky, thanks to two local green-leaning councils banning petrol and diesel-engined vehicles entirely. Read More >>

Engineers Develop Quieter Massive Sea Hammer to Protect Fish Ears

Apparently marine noise pollution is a thing nowadays, because us humans need to always be smashing something into somewhere it don't belong, even at the bottom of the sea. This disturbs sea life, causing seahorses to bolt and fish to swim away to somewhere nicer, like the Faroe Islands. Hence a new generation of more sensitive massive undersea hammer is required. Read More >>

Wow, Spain Sure Has a Lot of Pigs

There are now enough pigs in Spain that technically everyone could have one, and there’d be pigs to spare. Per the Guardian, Spanish environmental ministry figures reveal that the country now has 50 million oinking piggies, which is about 3.5 million more than the number of humans. That’s the first recorded time the nation has had more pigs than people. Read More >>

Earth Has Many More Rivers and Streams Than We Thought, New Satellite Study Finds

Rivers and streams cover much more of the planet than geologists previously estimated, according to a new study published in Science. In total, this new estimate shows that, excluding land with glaciers, Earth is covered by just under 300,000 square miles (773,000 square kilometres) of rivers and streams. That’s more square footage than the state of Texas, and it’s as much as 44 percent higher than previous counts. Read More >>

A Paper Straw Factory Is Opening Up in Britain Before a Planned UK Single-Use Plastics Ban

The first paper straw factory in the “last several decades” in Britain is planning to launch in Wales as fast-food chains prepare for a planned ban on single-use plastic products throughout the UK, the Guardian reported, with some chains already preparing their own plans to phase out plastic in favour of paper. Read More >>

Smart Traffic Lights That Tell Drivers to Speed Up are Being Tested

People staring at traffic lights have had an idea on how to make money from calling them "smart" -- give the things networked indicators that tell drivers how fast they need to go to hit the next set of lights when they turn green. This could speed people through cities without requiring so much braking and accelerating, reducing congestion and taking numerous small exhaust particles out of the sky. Read More >>