Bank of England Reveals First Polymer £20 Note

A new English bank note has been revealed by the Bank of England today, immortalising John Nathan-Turner for his role as producer of Doctor Who during the 1980s. No wait, it's another Turner. JMW Turner. Did some paintings they say. Was quite good at clouds and the sea, and they're hard because they never stay still. Read More >>

First of Artist’s £50k Fivers is Found

The race to find one of the customised fivers that's possibly worth £50,000 if you can find the right buyer has been won, by one lucky person at least, with the first of four engraved £5 notes successfully identified and placed securely in the wallet of a shopper from South Wales. Read More >>

Scottish Bank Leads Plastic Money Rush With Polymer Fiver in 2015

The first polymer bank note will appear in Scotland next year, with Clydesdale Bank set to introduce our first "plastic" money. The special fiver will commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Forth Bridge, with two million of them going into circulation from next March. Read More >>

Plastic English Bank Notes are Go For 2016

The Bank of England's done with its consultation on the merits of plastic or polymer bank notes, revealing that it is indeed going ahead with the scheme and that the new Sir Winston Churchill fiver will be the first non-paper notes for England. Read More >>

Bank of England Boss Flashes Plastic Bank Note Plan

The new boss of the Bank of England is considering introducing plastic or polymer bank notes to the UK, with the new notes featuring the same designs as the current paper versions but reduced in size a little to make them more pocketable. Read More >>