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A Giant Version of Pong Played With Feet Should Be the Next Olympic Sport

The most entertaining part of watching the modern Olympics is hoping you catch some kind of drama, scandal, or debacle. And while the IOC has hoped that the addition of new sports like mixed doubles curling will breathe new life into the games, the Olympics should instead introduce sports like mixed doubles interactive Pong—now that I’d stay up late to watch. Read More >>

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Playing Pong While Climbing a Wall Looks Like a Lot of Stupid Fun

Every work week should end with a quick game of wall climbing Pong. That is, a game of Pong that is projected onto a rock climbing wall which also tracks your body parts as paddles. So that means the ball reacts appropriately to each hit. Read More >>

Build Your Own Classic Pong Arcade Machine, Complete With a Faux Wood Finish

If there’s one thing modern gaming consoles are missing, it’s a stylish wooden veneer finish. That’s what classic ‘80s consoles did best, and if you’re feeling nostalgic for those gaming machines of yesteryear, why not build yourself a retro version of Pong, complete with a pair of paddle controllers for two players? Read more >> Read More >>

The Real Life Pong Table is a 70s Dream Come True

Think back to 1972 for a moment. A new video game company by the name of Atari has just created a magical machine where you can play games of virtual table-tennis against, well, something. Read More >>

Someone Built a Real-Life Mechanical Version of Pong Complete With a Square Ball

A real-life version of Pong would actually be just a table-tennis table since that’s what the classic video game was based on. But a bunch of clever hackers in Uruguay have succeeded in making a real-life version of the video game that’s still played using a pair of rectangular paddles and a square ball bouncing back and forth. Read More >>

Crane Controllers are the Most Overkill Way to Play Pong

Ever looked at the wireless remotes you use for shop cranes — boxy yellow things the size of shoe boxes, with industrial STOP buttons — and think they’d be perfect for controlling the world’s simplest video game? No, me neither. Read More >>

Google’s AI is Now Insanely Good at Playing Space Invaders 

Since Google acquired the artificial intelligence company DeepMind for $628m (£405m) last year, it's put the software to hard work...playing Atari 2600 video games. But no really, learning how to play 49 different Atari games showcases the promises, and the weaknesses, of DeepMind's software. Read More >>

These Traffic Lights Let You Play Pong With Random Strangers

Two years ago, three German design students set out to solve the most first-world problem that ever was: what to do when waiting to cross the street. Their solution? A system that lets you play Pong with pedestrians on the other side of the street. A few years and one re-branding later, their system is bettering real-world lives in Hildesheim. Read More >>

Pong Was Never Supposed to be Released to the Public

"Pong" was originally meant only as a training exercise for a new gaming developer at Atari, Allan Alcorn, and wasn't intended to be released as a consumer product. Read More >>

What Was the First Ever Video Game You Played?

Pong, the father of video games, turns 40 this week. Things have come a very long way in 40 years, but let us forget Call of Duty and look back. Unfortunately, Pong wasn't my first ever gaming experience, that honour was gifted to the awesome Nintendo Game and Watch Safebuster, released way back in 1988. What was yours? Where did your love for gaming get its kick-start? Read More >>

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Pong Played with Two Smart Cars, But What About Grand Theft Auto?

In a publicity stunt to demonstrate just how quickly an electric car can accelerate, Smart created this unique test drive where a couple of electric Fortwos were used as controllers in a giant game of Pong. Read More >>