Did a Seal Eat Your USB Drive? New Zealand Found It in a Frozen Slab of Poo

In what is easily one of the weirdest press releases New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) has put out, the agency announced it had unearthed a fully functioning USB drive from a mound of frozen leopard seal poop. Read More >>

Bill Gates Showed Off a Jar of Poo to Get Us Jazzed About Toilets of the Future

Have you ever wondered which tech billionaire thinks the most about pooing? Well, ponder no further. It’s Bill Gates. Read More >>

Canada Denies its Aeroplanes Poo on People

An outbreak of poo falling on people in Canada is no nearer to being explained, with the country's aviation coordinator telling a furious public that the human excrement rain is not being dumped out of aeroplane toilets. Read More >>

Poo Bacteria Found in Costa and Starbucks Ice

Someone's been pooing in the supply chain again, with the latest victims of the 2017 poo-in-stuff crisis being national coffee titans Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Caffe Nero. Read More >>

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Someone’s Worked Out The Speed Of Human Poo

Ever wondered whether your pooing speed is normal? Whether you're more of a corked bottle or a Play-Doh factory? Well wonder no more, because a group of fearless scientists has been busily finding out everything they can about dung, and one of their discoveries is the average speed of human defecation. Read More >>

Scientists Want to Use Colour-Changing Rainbow Poop to Diagnose Your Bowel Problems

The physical appearance of your bowel movements can already reveal a lot about your body’s digestive health, and colour changes can even indicate more severe problems. But scientists at Rice University want to make it even easier to spot medical problems in your colon, by tinting your poop a rainbow of different colours. Brilliant! Read More >>

Someone’s Been Pooing in the Coke Cans

Production of Coca-Cola was suspended in a Northern Ireland plant this week, after a batch of cans set to be used to package up the drink were found to contain human waste. Read More >>

Desperate NASA Asks Public What to Do With Astronaut Poo

We can put a man in space, but once he’s there, NASA still has no idea what to do with his shit. Read More >>

Welcome the Shit Museum to London

A museum dedicated to all things poo is coming to London, as we finally catch up with what Eurotrash was doing in the 1990s. Read More >>

Dyson Launches War on Airborne Toilet Poo

Dyson's launched a new PR push to promote the installation of its Airblade hand dryers across the country, claiming that the magical blowers and their invisible sheets of warm air help reduce the amount of human waste that fills the air of public toilets. Read More >>

£100 Spot Fines Coming for People Who Don’t Love Scooping up Their Dog’s Poo

A new war on the non-human causes of poo on the street is being launched in the UK, with local towns given the go-ahead to introduce fines for people caught leaving dog poo on the roads and pavements and not having any tools to do the cleaning up job. Read More >>

A Woman Became Obese After a Poo Transplant 

Scientists have known for a while that gut bacteria can play a profound role in the weight of mice. Now we have a case report in humans that is not entirely surprising: A woman gained 2.5-stone (16kg) and became obese in the 16 months after a faecal transplant. Read More >>

YouTube Poo Transplant Videos Get the Thumbs Up

Motherboard has been investigating the world of the fecal transplant, or the act of mixing someone else's poo up with water and injecting it up your own bottom. Unusually for something on the internet involving bottoms, this is not for sex reasons -- it's been shown to help with several gut disorders. [Motherboard] Read More >>

A 40-Inch Fossilised Dinosaur Poo is Going Up for Auction

You did read that correctly, a genuine fossilised dinosaur poo (or coprolite) has been listed by auction house I.M. Chait. It's 40 inches (101.6cm) long, is believed to be around 23 million years old and is expected to fetch between $8,000 and $10,000 (£4,712 - £5,890) when it goes under the hammer tomorrow. Read More >>

Ukip’s Freepost Comedy Postal Loophole Closed

Twitter's been alight with humorous tales of the ways in which people have been abusing the Ukip freepost address, using the political party's free postal account to post it bricks, weights and, er, human waste and blood at its own expense. Read More >>