The World’s Greatest Billiards Shot Spanned Two Floors and Nine Pool Tables

If your plan for 15 minutes of fame involves a fancy billiards trick shot, you’re going to have to spend far more than a quarter of an hour trying to top the Allstars Sports Bar in Bristol who recently pulled off what has to be the most amazing, most complex pool shot in history. Read More >>

Homer Simpson Would be Tickled Pink by This Doughnut-Shaped Pool Table

Designer Cléon Daniel made a name for himself a while ago when images of his unorthodox banana-shaped pool table appeared online. And as a follow-up to that creation, he’s just finished a new table that puts another unique twist on billiards inspired by Homer Simpson’s favourite food. Read More >>

Seven Cities Making Their Urban Rivers Swimmable Again

It's almost time for another steamy, sweaty summer in the city—and nothing looks like it might cool you off more than that sparkling waterway winding through the centre of your downtown. But can you really swim in it? In more and more cities, the answer is a refreshing yes. Read More >>

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Mess With Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is an invaluable tool for scientists, and can make for some pretty awesome experiments, but introducing it into a pool party? What the hell where they thinking? As you can see from the video, it got ugly pretty damn quickly. Read More >>

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Turn Your Pool Table Into a Psychedelic Aquarium with Kinect-Powered Projection Effects

Pool is a fun game, but with just some coloured balls on a plain green field, the spectacle is a little lacking. We've already seen how some clever projection can turn anyone into a pool shark, but now OpenPool is taking it a step further by turning pool into a psychedelic rave of a game. Read More >>

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Anyone Can Be a Pool Shark When This Projector Calls the Shots

Pool is simple if you know your geometry. And physics. And have good hand-eye coordination. And while none of those seem that hard on their own, they can be a little tough to put together. But with a little help from tech, it becomes as easy as just keeping your eyes open. Read More >>

Man Shows Why Trying to Jump Through a Frozen Swimming Pool Is Such a Bad Idea

We're not entirely sure what was running through this chap's peanut before he jumped. There are only two possible outcomes to this particular stunt: 1) your body breaks through the ice, leaving you trapped under the frozen ceiling, unable to breathe while you search desperately for the entry hole; or 2) you hit the rock hard ice with your arse, pretty much ensuring a fractured pelvis. Sounds like a lose-lose situation to me. But each to their own. [YouTube] Read More >>

This Is One of the Worst Deaths I Can Imagine

I hate, hate, HATE, the idea of being trapped in the water upside down. Or down upside. Or whatever side. It's one of the worst deaths I can imagine. Thankfully, if you are a USAF helicopter pilot, there's a way out: Read More >>

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This Underwater Exploration Float Should Come in Adult Sizes

The coolest kid at the beach would come sporting this water toy—a float with a periscope attached. But what everyone wants to know is if they could make it for adults too. Read More >>

There Are Grave Consequences To Sinking the Cue Ball On This Coffin Pool Table

Unless you're being cremated, blasted into space, or turned into a cyborg, everyone will need a coffin at some point in their life. (Usually near the end.) And a company called Casket Furniture figures that since you'll be spending thousands of pounds on your post-life home, you might as well enjoy it as much as possible. Read More >>

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These Impossible Pool Trick Shots Demonstrate That Physics Is Amazing Once Again

You don't have to be Paul Newman to appreciate the difficulty for these collection of insane pool trick shots. All thanks to skill and physics, although there are a couple which are so perfectly crazy that they have to be computer generated. [Thanks Karl!] Read More >>

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These Incredible Pool Tricks Signify a Misspent Youth

That’s what my Mum always told me, and sure enough, because I didn’t spend enough time in the pub as a kid I suck at pool. Looking at these awesome tricks makes me wish for a do-over – I want that kind of skill with a pool cue. Read More >>

A Hidden Pool Table for the Modern Bachelor

There are few things that scream bachelor pad more than a pool table. And even the skeeviest single guy knows you gotta eventually class it up. That's why this pool table by Fusiontable is so perfect. It's a modern dining table with a hidden, convertible pool table underneath. Business in the front, party in the back. Read More >>