Holiday Firm Offers Pre-Booking for Sunbeds

Fans of comedy routines from the 1970s are dusting off some of the old material today thanks to holiday chain Thomas Cook, which has revealed a pilot scheme that lets travellers pre-book poolside sun loungers for the entire duration of their stay. Read More >>

Scientists Have a Sneaky Way of Telling If You Peed in the Pool

Pools are giant toilets. Around one in five Americans admit to having peed in a swimming pool at least once. Every pool probably contains a shot glass full of urine per swimmer, according to a story by Chemical and Engineering News from last year. Read More >>

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This Dude Really Can’t Stop Making Ridiculous Jumps Off Buildings Into Pools

Day or night, off roofs or balconies, into pools or harbours, hell, even after getting arrested for trespassing (as he was no doubt, attempting a jump somewhere), 8booth is still making wild and reckless jumps off buildings and into pools to scare absolutely everyone watching. Read More >>

The Real Reason You Shouldn’t Pee in the Pool 

Peeing in the public pool is gross, immature, but basically harmless, right? A quick fix when you’ve really gotta go? Not exactly. In advance of the its annual summer meeting, the American Chemical Society has just released a video explaining, in gory scientific detail, why peeing in the pool makes it a more unhealthy environment for everybody, you disgusting hairless flesh monster. Read More >>

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Blowing up a Pool With Firecrackers is the Most Amazing Thing

Have an outdoor pool that you don’t want to drain? Need to get rid of the portable pool but don’t want to do any work? There’s a much better and infinitely more fun alternative solution: blow that mother up with firecrackers. It creates an explosion that looks like a mini atom bomb and spreads the water everywhere. Read More >>

The US Navy Built its Own Indoor Ocean to Test Ships

The world's seven seas may be wildly unpredictable, but if you ever find yourself itching to play Poseidon, you might want to consider enlisting. Because at the Naval Surface Warfare Center just outside Washington, DC, the Navy gets to control every inch of its very own indoor ocean. Read More >>

You Can Swim in a Secret Pool in the Mojave Desert, if You Can Find It

When it's hot, city dwellers begin to have a certain look of desperation: that single-minded determination to access the sweet summer relief of a pool. Well, here's a public pool that's completely free and available to use – provided you can locate the pool itself, which is somewhere in the middle of a 25,000 square-mile Southern California desert. Read More >>

Crazy Humans Explain Why They Swim Outdoors in Below-Freezing Temps

There are some folks for whom stripping down to a pair of trunks in the dead of winter to hop into in a snow-lined outdoor pool sounds like a special kind of frozen-over hell. And then there is this dedicated gang of water-lovin' types who will get their laps in at the London Fields Lido no matter the weather. It's a true testament to thick skin, dedication—and a damn fine public pool. Read More >>

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Distract Yourself From Fake Summer With the Most Amazing Pools on Earth

As spring rears its head and tricks us into thinking summer has come early, we've taken to meditating on incredible pools to try and be prepared for when the real thing comes along. Below, find some of the most luxurious, elegant, and downright outlandish designs around. Read More >>

Don’t You Wish You Were In One of These Beautiful Natural Pools?

You'd be crazy not to love stark, modern design like the stunning Tangga House, but the natural look can be beautiful too. Take these awesome man made pond pools from Water House for example. You can't tell me you don't want to dive in right now. Read More >>

12 Cool Pools You Wish You Were Swimming In Right Now

It's gone from warm and pleasant weather to hot as hell outside. It's like slogging through air so thick you need a machete and it's definitely a-shower-every-time-you-step-outside hot. In times like these, you just want to laze in a pool. Specifically, in these positively perfect specimens. Read More >>

This Submersible Skatepark Is Drainage in Disguise

Skateboarding's earliest shredders cut their teeth in empty pools and drainage pipes, but extreme sport-boardin' has come a long way in the years since. There are plenty of devoted skateparks out there now, but this one in Denmark goes back to those roots by doubling as a functional drainage system. Read More >>

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Diving Is Totally Allowed in the World’s Deepest Swimming Pool

God help you if you have to get your PADI certification in a public pool—you're about to spend more than a few hours steeping in all sorts of fun bodily fluids. You're better off buying a plane ticket to Brussels, home of the deepest—and likely cleanest—indoor pool in the world. Read More >>

This Ridiculous Hot Tub Is Larger Than Some London Apartments

We understand the appeal of kicking back at the end of a long day in a warm jet of bubbles. But it looks like the Luxema 8000 hot tub could fill an entire backyard, let alone a cheap London apartment. Read More >>

This Building’s Balconies Are Actually Swimming Pools

Witness this architectural nightmare and deadly accident waiting to happen: a 37-story, twin tower apartment building that has apartments with swimming pools instead of balconies. Or balconies that are really swimming pools enclosed in glass. Or... whatever. No matter what you want to call this, I would call it crazy. Read More >>