Remembering Stephen Hawking’s Many Contributions to Pop Culture

Early on this morning it was announced that Stephen Hawking, world-famous physicist and Simpsons guest star had died at the age of 76. Hawking had suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) for decades, having been first diagnosed at the age of 21 and being initially given two years to live. Read More >>

Microsoft Bot Makes Your Worst Pop Culture Nightmares Come True

Crossovers are a mainstay of pop culture, but they rarely address the deepest questions posed by their fictional universes. “What if Gordon Ramsay was Han Solo?” you might ask. “What if the Joker had a beard?” Thanks to a criminally deranged Skype bot named Murphy, you needn’t wonder any longer. Read More >>

100 Iconic Costumes of Popular Characters From Pop Culture

Here's a neat infographic-type, sort of poster illustration of 100 famous costumes from characters in movies, television and video games. It's fun to see the outfits that are instantly recognisable (superheroes, Star Wars, etc.) against those that require a little memory refreshment (The Breakfast ClubRebel Without a Cause, etc.). Read More >>

Morbidly Obese Versions of Iconic Pop Culture Characters

I had my doubts about these Botero-ish morbidly obese versions of iconic pop culture characters, but then you got me at Finn and Jake eating all those pastries from Candy Kingdom, Alex Solis. And Cookie Monster meeting its ultimate destiny, of course. Read More >>

What It’s Like to Judge the Turing Test

"What are your favourite Sci Fi movies?" "I like Star Wars and The Matrix," comes the typed reply. I am trying to work out if I'm talking to a "hidden human" in the next room, or actually a machine located somewhere in cyberspace. Read More >>

Can You Recognise These People From Just Their Hair?

Some haircuts are so iconic that you already know who the person or character is from just seeing their hair. It's like a brand logo, an identifier, a part of who those characters are. Read More >>