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Clever Teen Turns His Locker Into a Soda Machine

Most high school students struggle to write a passable essay on Catcher in the Rye, but Blake Hawkins has more than earned his high school diploma — and some spending money on the side — by turning an unused locker into a fully-functional soda can vending machine. Read More >>

Killjoy Scientists Develop Song Catchiness Test Algorithm

It might be possible to predict hit records to some degree of success, says a team of academics having fun measuring the structure of hit pop tunes at a university. Read More >>

Pop Musicologists Say There Were Three Key Eras in Modern Music

The gradual evolution of pop music from the simple love declarations of 1960 to the pubic mound-thrusting aggressive sex allegories of 2010 has been charted by academics, who claim to have broken down the changes in the world of pop to three significant shifts. Read More >>

This Mashup of 2014’s Biggest Hits is a Good Pop Song on its Own

'Tis the season for year-end greatest hits mashups, and as usual, DJ Earworm's annual mix does not disappoint. His Do What You Wanna Do track covers all the major bases, from Taylor Swift to SexLord TrumpetKing Jason Derulo. Read More >>

All Soft Drink Cans Should Be This Easy to Share

Sharing a drink with someone when they can take a sip from the other side of your glass is reasonably acceptable. But that's just not possible with a canned beverage. You either agree to share their germs, or refuse to share at all. It's an age-old conundrum that Coca-Cola has finally solved with a two-in-one can that twists apart to make sharing easy. Read More >>

POP universal charger
Apple’s Revised Guidelines Could Allow the POP Universal Charger to Live Again

Fully-funded on Kickstarter almost three times over, the POP universal charging station was basically ready to go. That was until the creators failed to get Apple's approval, as it won't allow the Lightning adaptor, used in the iPhone 5, to live harmoniously with the older 30-pin connector. Now it seems Apple has changed its mind; the POP may not be dead after all. Read More >>

Soda Versus Pop Versus Coke, Visualised

The route to answering the big questions these days — like, soda or pop? — is to grab a bunch of data from Twitter and analyse it. Which is exactly what Edwin Chen, a data scientist at Twitter, decided to do. Read More >>

Student Gets Go-ahead For Lady Gaga Dissertation

Forward-thinking lecturers at Cambridge University's Corpus Christi college are allowing student undergraduate Amrou Al-Kadhi to indulge his innermost desires, saying it's OK for his 10,000-word dissertation to be based around the life and times of Lady Gaga. Read More >>

“Hit Potential Equation” Computes a Song’s Pop Chart Success Potential

Scientists at the University of Bristol are claiming to have created a form of music analysis tool, which calculates the chances of a pop song being a smash. Today's chart music? Entirely predictable? You don't say. Read More >>