Danish Man Convicted of Telling Web Users Where to Download Popcorn Time

A Danish man has been handed down a six-month conditional sentence for merely sharing information about Popcorn Time, the once-popular torrent-based streaming client that was targeted for extermination by copyright lawsuits . Read More >>

Popcorn Time Devs are Working to Help People Legally Stream More Easily

For a lot of people piracy is about convenience and affordability. While some people will pirate regardless, most of us are happy to pay for content if you we can get something for a reasonable price without jumping through a million hoops first. Read More >>

Popcorn Time ‘Officially’ Announces Its Return

Popcorn Time is the revolutionary app that’s been continuously dubbed the Netflix for torrents. But after aggressive legal action by the Motion Picture Association of America, the original site Popcorntime.io, shut down indefinitely. But after weeks of mystery surrounding its sudden reappearance, anonymous developers are declaring that illegal Netflix is back, baby. Read More >>

Maybe You Shouldn’t Stream Torrents in Your Browser

Torrents-Time is an interesting little browser plugin that lets you stream torrents without needing to download a whole separate client. It’s a boon for anyone who needs a simple way to torrent, but as a few people are pointing out, it’s also horribly insecure. Read More >>

Popcorntime.io Has Been Shut Down

Bad news for illegal streamers: one of the most popular versions of Popcorn Time has been shut down, likely for good. Read More >>

Popcorn Time in Your Browser Is the Ultimate ‘Netflix For Pirates’

Torrenting movies isn’t exactly difficult to begin with. But when you take the already-popular ‘Netflix for pirates’ app Popcorn Time, and run it inside a browser with no install required, things get real simple. Read More >>

The Creator of Popcorn Time Finally Revealed Himself

Love it or hate it—but you probably love it—Popcorn Time is a revolutionary app. And Federico Abad, the 29-year-old Buenos Aires-based developer who created it and just granted his first international interview about the “Netflix for torrents,” seems like a pretty rad guy. Read More >>

Yep, Porn Time is Popcorn Time’s Very NSFW Sex-Torrent Cousin

Popcorn Time, aka ‘Netflix for torrents’, made illegally downloading movies far too easy. And, with pictures of naked humans notoriously hard to come by on the internet, it was only a matter of time until someone adapted Popcorn Time for porn. Read More >>

You Can Now Use ‘Netflix for Torrents’ Popcorn Time in Your Browser

It’s over a year since Popcorn Time burst on to the scene, allowing you to stream torrents rather than download them. It’s had its ups and downs — but now you can use it in your browser. Read More >>

Popcorn Time is Over Thanks to UK ISP Block Rule

Popcorn Time, the easy-access streaming tool that turns the mass resources of Bittorrent into a visual media library, is the latest site to have its URLs added to the UK ban list, with ISPs now required to limit access to some of its addresses. Read More >>

PopcornTime Defiantly Pops Back Up After Domain Gets Suspended

The most popular way of accessing the popular "Netflix for torrents" service PopcornTime abruptly went down last week when European regulators suspended the domain registration for Time4Popcorn.eu. In a message today, the anonymous developers behind the service say the service is back. Read More >>

You Can Now Get Popcorn Time – the Netflix of Torrents – on Your iPhone

Despite rumours of its demise, Popcorn Time is alive and thriving. So much so that you can now install the torrent surfing app on your iPhone. Of course, you'll have to jailbreak it first. Read More >>

Popcorn Time’s “Netflix for Torrents” is Coming to Chromecast

Popcorn Time is a miracle: it lets you stream torrents of movies and TV shows as though they were on Netflix. Is it illegal? Probably! But it's also awesome, hard to trace, and soon, it'll work with your Chromecast. Read More >>

Torrent Site Popcorn Time, Shut Down Yesterday, is Alive Again

That was quick. After closing up shop yesterday among the usual copyright questions, and just a week after its first launch, Popcorn Time is back. TorrentFreak has the story of how the project, abandoned by its founders, will live on at the hands of YTS developers. Read More >>