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Trump’s Awkward Photo with Pope Francis Becomes a Horror Movie Meme

Yesterday, Pope Francis met with President Trump. And needless to say, the pope didn’t look too happy about it. Maybe it had to do with the fact that Trump previously called the pope “disgraceful” and said ISIS will attack the Vatican, but who knows? The photo was surreal, and sure enough, people have been photoshopping the hell out of it. Read More >>

Christians Are Mad the Pope Is Still Subtweeting President Trump

Screenshot of a tweet from Pope Francis about the keys to Heaven, which many Christians have interpreted as a subtweet to President Trump (Twitter)
Twitter is a great way to communicate directly with everyone from Kim Kardashian to President Trump. Even the Pope is on Twitter, providing a direct line to Catholicism’s top dog. But lately people have been taking the phrase “Is the Pope Catholic?” less as a rhetorical device and more as a literal question. Read More >>

Christian Twitter Users Tell the Pope Why God Believes In Extreme Vetting

The Pope has been critical of President Trump’s treatment of immigrants. But some American Catholics think the Pope needs to slow his roll. Yes, some Catholics are trying to explain to the Pope why God believes in the so-called “extreme vetting” of immigrants to the United States. Read More >>

How Big is Mark Zuckerberg’s Carry-On Bag?

Mark Zuckerberg likes to give. He gave us Facebook. He gave us the hoodie as a work uniform. He gave us his mop dog. Read More >>

Pope Francis to Teens: Get Off Your Phones

During a three-day long celebration of the most blessed group of people on Earth—teens, obviously—Pope Francis dispensed some advice that was very much not lit. Read More >>

Pope Says Contraception May Be Permitted in Regions Hit By Zika

Speaking to reporters earlier today, Pope Francis said it might be okay for women exposed to the Zika virus to use contraceptives to avoid pregnancy. His Holiness also reiterated the Vatican’s stance on abortion, which he described as an “absolute evil.” Read More >>

Why Apple Doesn’t Need to Sell iPhones Anymore

Apple reported record-breaking quarterly earnings today, but — for the first time ever — the company also projected a decline in iPhone sales. Not that any of that really matters. The future of Apple is secure, thanks to a little help from a higher power. Read More >>

Report: the Pope and Google Boss Eric Schmidt Will Have an Unusual Meeting Friday

Leader of the online advertising world and CEO of Alphabet (Google's parent company) Eric Schmidt will have a ‘brief conversation’ this Friday with Pope Francis, presumably not about moving the @pontifex Twitter account to Google+. Self-driving popemobile: more likely. Read More >>

The Internet Exploded with Pope Francis’s Climate Change Encyclical

Pope Francis yesterday unleashed a mighty call-to-action over climate change and other catastrophes caused by humans. This coalescence of faith and science is rare enough, but judging by the excited buzzing of social media, the Dope Pope has struck a major nerve. Read More >>

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The Pope Accidentally Kind-Of, Sort-Of, Said the Word ‘Fuck’ During a Blessing

The Pope is supposed to be God's mouthpiece on Earth. So either the man upstairs has a pretty good sense of humour, or somebody needs to wash Pope Francis's mouth out with soapy water. Read More >>

Follow the Pope on Twitter for Less Time in Purgatory

Things you can do to get time off of Purgatory: help the poor, volunteer, and now... follow the pope on Twitter. Read More >>