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Is the World Really Overpopulated?

The notion that we’re headed towards some kind of populational apocalypse—that there exists a line which, once crossed, will lead inexorably to mass starvation, and a whole planet like King's Cross at rush hour—has been used to stoke fear and sell books for more than a century. The discourse surrounding these concerns can be so toxic, that just wading into it can feel pointless, or futile, or worse. But it is, nonetheless, a question worth gaining clarity on. And so for this week’s Giz Asks we reached out to a number of experts—in sustainability, environmental studies, economics, geography, and more—to find out, once and for all, whether the Earth is overpopulated. Read More >>

giz asks
What’s the Ideal Number of Humans on Earth?

Earth might be looking a little worse for wear, after the last four hundred years of reckless wide-scale resource extraction, but to its credit it hasn’t collapsed entirely. Despite our best efforts, it continues to gamely welcome our rapidly expanding population, barring the occasional earthquake. Whether the planet might be a little better off with fewer of us is a different question, a freighted one. Read More >>

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Watch How the World’s Population Has Grown Over the Years

It took a long time to get going. But once we did, damn, we kind of got out of control didn’t we? Read More >>

What If the Entire World’s Population Lived in One City?

Here’s a thought exercise that starts getting kind of gross the deeper you dive into it: what if the entire world’s population lived in one city? Read More >>

See the Exact Moment When the World’s Biggest Cities Were Born

The world is urbanising faster than ever, with more than half of the planet’s population currently living in cities; that's more than any time in history. But when did this trend of “urbanisation” start? It turns out its roots go back much farther than we thought. Read More >>

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How Many People Can the Earth Actually Hold?

There are over seven billion people on this planet of ours and some estimates peg the population to reach 10 billion by the end of the century. Given that there’s only a certain amount of land on Earth, is there a maximum amount of humans that our blue marble can support? Read More >>

2040 – The Year We Run Out of Food

A scientific model of the future of the world has some bad news for anyone under the age of about 65, suggesting that the world and comfortable modern life as we know it could collapse by the year 2040 amid apocalyptic food wars triggered by climate change. Read More >>

What Happened to Those Apocalyptic Predictions About Overpopulation?

In the late 1960s a biologist named Paul Ehrlich insisted that the world’s rapid population growth was unsustainable. What could be done? Ehrlich proposed radical population control measures—including sterilisation. Read More >>

Genetic Map of the UK Shows the DNA Stains of Invaders

Maps created by testing and charting the DNA of locals across the UK show we're all quite different from each other underneath, with many regions still sharing DNA with those who invaded the islands thousands of years ago. Read More >>

SIM Cards Outnumber Humans on Planet Mobile

There are apparently around 7.2 billion people on the planet right now, a number that's growing by two people a second. However, there are also 7.2 billion SIM cards in operation too, and that number's growing much, much faster, as users double and triple-up on their connections. Read More >>

The Map of the World if Every Country Had a Population of 100 Million

Imagine a world with countries reshaped to have an equal population with each other. Some little countries get absorbed to create one large country while other populous countries get their boundaries re-drawn and are split up into lots of different pieces (I'm looking at you China and India). Read More >>

The World’s Most (and Least) Populous Places Revealed in a Single Map

We've seen a lot of world population maps, but this might just be prettiest one yet. Simple black lines trace the population by latitude, so that a few cities, labeled in yellow, tower like the skyscrapers over the land. It's not unlike a cartographical version of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album cover. Read More >>

The Only Population Map You Need to Understand the World

Which countries are emerging superpowers? Which countries are in decline? This excellent infographic of population change, country by country, explains pretty much everything you need to know about what's going to happen geopolitically in the next few decades. Read More >>

Will There Ever Be More Dead People Than Living Ones on Facebook?

Currently, there aren't many dead people on Facebook, which is largely because its user base is so young. But time marches on and death is inevitable, so will there ever be more dead than live people on the social network? Read More >>