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PornHub Dishes the Dirt on North Korean Porn Preferences

Banning porn doesn't stop people from wanting to watch it, and neither does having strict restrictions on your internet. Not even North Korea is free from the wily charms of naked internet people, and thanks to PornHub we have some insight into what Kim Jong Un and his cronies enjoy watching. Read More >>

PornHub Has Spoken Out Against the Government’s Plans for Age Checks on Porn

The government has been after our porn for years now, trying various different methods to ensure that accessing them isn't as easy as it could be. All because they're worried people will be bad parents and not do anything to stop their kids from accessing all the freely available smut. Read More >>

Exclusive: Comic-Con And Porn Go Together Like Lois and Clark, According To PornHub

We've all seen the photos, young people enjoying themselves at the comic convention in San Diego. And there's only so many superhero outfits we can look at before thinking "I wonder if there's any porn of this". And it seems that this is a trend that PornHub has noticed too, as it has told us that searches for Comic-Con were up a staggering 2767% over the four days of the convention. Read More >>

Game Of Thrones Ruined PornHub’s Sunday Night

There's not much that stops people from their rigorous Sunday masturbation schedule, but apparently Game of Thrones is the one thing that can upset the applecart. Traffic, according to PornHub, was down 4.5% when Game of Thrones returned for its seventh season. Read More >>

“Porm” and Other Hilarious One-Handed Typos, Thanks to Pornhub

As the internet’s preeminent archive of loud, naked people so often does, Pornhub reminded the world this week that, yes, they’re logging all the weird shit we look at to get our kicks. This time, the porn site released a cheerful infographic mapping out America’s most frequently misspelled pornographic search terms by state. Read More >>

Fidget Spinners Are Trending On PornHub

PornHub just released some, er, interesting statistics on popular searches on the site for the month of May. Read More >>

The Most NSFW Site to Stream Every Star Wars Movie Is Pornhub

As far as accidental comedy goes, few things beat watching a PG-rated Disney film on a site with the ads for penis enlargement guides and “Tinder for MILFs.” And while I didn’t specifically seek out Pornhub or 2014's animated adventure Big Hero 6 today, both came into view thanks to the Reddit community r/FullMoviesOnPornhub. Read More >>

Women, Porn, And Apple

Women account for around 26 per cent of visitors to Pornhub, according to the site's latest insights. That's enough for a noticeable drop in traffic to be evident during the Women's March in January. Read More >>

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone, Pornhub Wants To Be Your New ‘Bae’

Forget chocolates, tacky greeting cards, flowers that are technically already dead; Pornhub are giving the people what they really want this Valentine's Day - free (premium) porn. Read More >>

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Pornhub Now Does Sex Education

Online masturbatory Pornhub has added a new string to its bow: a 'Sexual Wellness Centre' designed to help its customers learn about sex. Read More >>

This is What UK Wankers Searched for on Pornhub in 2016

Pornhub’s Year in Review for 2016 is up, which means it’s time for us to put ‘UK Wankers’ into a headline again, in the hope that people snigger at it and share the article with their friends, saying things like “This is you” and “You’re a wanker.” Read More >>

It Could be Tough to Work Out When Pornhub’s Chatbot Goes Rogue

Pornhub’s got a chatbot now, and we’re not entirely sure how the company would be able to tell if it ever happened to go the same way as Microsoft’s Tay. Poor Tay. Read More >>

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Pornhub’s 2016 Christmas Ad is Safe For Work

Just like everyone else, Pornhub’s decided to make the Christmas ad an annual thing and, once again, its effort is actually safe for work. Look, there's not a single swollen genital in sight, and isn't that just a little bit disappointing. Pre-wank footage is so lame. Read More >>

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson’s Brexit Speech Lands on Pornhub With a Very NSFW Title

First it was the newspapers. Then Twitter and Facebook. Giz UK joined in too. Now even the site you use for wanking, where your only source of worry should be accidentally glimpsing a thumbnail from one of those weird 'rosebud' videos, has been infected by politics. Read More >>

Pornhub’s BangFit Stunt is Like Guitar Hero For Your Naughty Bits

Pornhub's still burning through the April Fool's day joke ideas list it came up with earlier in the year, today releasing a thing it calls BangFit -- a concept for a sports activity tracker for people who want their weekly bit of sex to be augmented by the inclusion of a mobile phone to track their heated, directional thrusts. Read More >>