If Last Year is Anything to Go By, Pornhub Will Get a Spike in Star Wars-Related Searches Today

As you may be aware, today is Star Wars day, because reasons. While it can be seen as an excuse for big companies to peddle you Star Wars-themed tat, people do get into the swing of things in their own *ahem* personal way. Case in point, Pornhub has released stats from May 4th 2017 revealing people start use the day as an excuse to look for porn from a galaxy far, far away. Read More >>

Pornhub Accepts Cryptocurrency Now

Given how the most popular crypto currencies feel pretty unstable, with the price fluctuating quite regularly. Well Pornhub isn't fazed, announcing that it's going to start accepting crypto payments. Just not Bitcoin, Etheereum, or Ripple. Read More >>

Pornhub is Offering Free Premium Subscriptions if You Live Somewhere With a Rude Name

It can be difficult living in a place that has a hilariously rude name, just ask the people of Bell End who've been trying to have their street renamed to avoid to humiliation of it all. Tourists, mockery, and stolen signs are issues these people have to face, so Pornhub is letting them get something back from it. Anyone who lives in an area that has a rude name will get free lifetime access to Pornhub Premium. Read More >>

Gun Videos Have Been Banned From YouTube, Only to Reappear on Pornhub

In the wake of the many mass shootings that have taken place in the US over the past several months, YouTube has made several changes to its terms and conditions with regard to gun-related videos. Many of them are now banned from the site, but the problem is that they've just started appearing on Pornhub instead. Read More >>

Pornhub Owner MindGeek Shows Off the Tool That May be Restricting Your Access to Porn Very Soon

It's no secret that the government hates videos and images of naked people, and has decided to make it harder to access that kind of material without going through an identity verification system that may or may not track everything we view. Because we have to protect the children, obviously, since parents can't be trusted to install parental control software. Read More >>

Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Right Way With Free Access to Pornhub Premium

Valentine's Day is usually associated with chocolate, flowers, and taking someone out for a nice meal, but the good people over at Pornhub know that this isn't really suited for everyone. That's why it's continuing its long-standing tradition of giving people free access to Pornhub Premium all day. 3.5 million people took advantage of the deal last year, and that number is only expected to increase. Read More >>

Pornhub Is Making Smart Sex Toys That Sync With Porn and, Strangely, Look Like Power Tools

As the biggest porn site on the internet, Pornhub already dominates the landscape when it comes to what people get off to. Now the company is also making a push to control how people get off, with a new line of interactive sex toys that sync with Pornhub videos. Read More >>

Pornhub Debuts its First Ever Hanukkah Ad, Because Porn Isn’t Just for Christians

For the past two years the good people at Pornhub have released Christmas adverts to show how wonderful the gift of premium porn subscriptions can be. But many people already know that Christmas isn't the only holiday celebrated in December. Read More >>

Pornhub is Opening Up a Real life Shop Too

This week Amazon launched its own physical retail pop-up in London, designed to promote its Black Friday deals. It seems this is a popular idea though, because noted paddlers of online nakedness Pornhub have announced that they too will get their own physical shop in New York City. Read More >>

XHamster is Hell Bent on War, With its Own Porn-Watching AI

Last week Pornhub announced that it had started implementing machine learning in its service, with an AI that loves nothing more than watching porn and analysing it to identify porn stars. Not wanting to be out done, xHamster has revealed that it too has a porn-addicted AI, and it's totally the best one around. Read More >>

AI Can’t Wipe Out Humanity if it’s Too Busy Trying to Detect Porn Stars on Pornhub

In recent years there's been a lot of talk about AI becoming a serious threat to humanity, but maybe Pornhub has the solution to keeping the machines occupied and averting the apocalypse. Yes I'm talking about giving AI access to porn. Read More >>

Pornhub is Launching a New Site Mode for Visually Impaired Users

The internet is basically made of porn, as most people will be aware. The downside is that people who don't have perfect vision aren't able to enjoy it as much. So Pornhub has gone and optimised its site with the goal of making its site more accessible for use who suffer from vision impairments. Specifically those who are blind, have low vision, or are colour blind. Read More >>

According to PornHub, We Do More Than Talk Like Pirates on Talk Like a Pirate Day

19th September is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so on Tuesday all across the globe people were talking like pirates. Turns out though, it's not just talking like the scurvy seadogs that people enjoy, oh no. They also enjoy "other" pirate activities. Like pirate porn. Read More >>

Yes, the Eclipse Caused a Dip in PornHub Traffic Too

Earlier this week people in the US were going eclipse crazy. So crazy, in fact, that Netflix claims it lost 10 per cent of its streaming traffic while it was happening. The real question on everyone's minds, however, is did it affect PornHub? Well I decided to ask, and after crunching the numbers PornHub determined that yes it did. Read More >>

north korea
PornHub Dishes the Dirt on North Korean Porn Preferences

Banning porn doesn't stop people from wanting to watch it, and neither does having strict restrictions on your internet. Not even North Korea is free from the wily charms of naked internet people, and thanks to PornHub we have some insight into what Kim Jong Un and his cronies enjoy watching. Read More >>