This Battery Pack With Built-In Games Lets You Never Talk to Another Soul Ever Again

Occasionally, the makers of the junk gadgets you can find at gas stations, convenience stores, and mall kiosks manage to come up with a genuinely useful piece of tech. Such is the case with this 8,000 mAh backup battery featuring its own built-in video game system so you can continue to ignore the world around you while waiting for your smartphone to come back to life. Read More >>

I’ll Take This Custom Handheld Sega Dreamcast Over the Switch Lite Any Day

While everyone is oohing and aahing over the Nintendo Switch Lite, I’d rather throw £200 at YouTube’s GmanModz to build me this fully functional Sega Dreamcast that’s been cut down and miniaturised to squeeze inside of a portable housing that’s about the size of the 2DS. Read More >>

Nintendo NX is a Home/Portable Hybrid, According to Pokemon Boss

The man behind the Pokemon Company clearly has some inside knowledge about the future of Nintendo, as whatever form the company's NX takes you can bet your life there's going to be Pokemon on it all the time. And Pokemon Company boss Tsunekazu Ishihara has all but confirmed the previous thinking that the NX is indeed one machine that combines home and portable play. Read More >>

Portable Gaming System Promises PC Power in a Pocket

The developer of the PGS handheld claims to have solved the tricky problem of wanting to play PC games when not in front of your home gaming superstation, building a machine that might, if it's actually real and not a crowdfunding scam, offer HD gaming on the go. Read More >>

Sony’s Vita TV Gaming Dongle Might Appear in the UK After All

Sony's odd little PS Vita TV dongle, which lets users play portable games on their big living room tellies, might see a launch outside of Japan. A Sony man used the old trick of claiming that amazing interest in the machine has convinced it to change its mind. Read More >>

Nintendo Goes Retro and Cheapo With Bizarre New 2DS Portable Downgrade

Nintendo's announced one of its most peculiar new pieces of hardware since the Virtual Boy, with its 2DS console taking the portable maker's twin-screen clamshell portable ethos and making it into a rigid flat slab -- and removing the glasses-free 3D display feature completely. Read More >>

iPad Could Replace Home Consoles, Says Man Who Should Know Better

Mike Capps, president of Epic Games, which creates the seriously hardcore likes of the Gears of War franchise, believes the iPad might replace proper home consoles. You'd think he'd have a better grasp of how things work than that. Read More >>

There Will Be No More Warrantless Cell Phone Searches in California

Californians can finally breathe easy for having regained their privacy rights. A new law passed by the state Assembly bans the warrantless search of not just cell phones, but all portables that could conceivably send a message. Count your iPads safe, too. Read More >>