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This Life-Size Dart-Blasting Turret From Portal Will Protect Your Cake

It’s taken a little over 12 years, but one of the amazing technologies featured in the game Portal has finally been recreated in real life. No, sadly not the actual portal-making gun, but the autonomous robotic turret sentries that can identify and dispose of targets. Instead of live ammo, however, this 3D-printed replica blasts Nerf darts at unsuspecting lab intruders or escapees. Read More >>

Hero Coder Adapts ‘Portal’ for the Apple II

Two things that persistently hold a special place in geek hearts are the Apple II desktop computer and the video game Portal. What happens when you put them together? Magic. Read More >>

Portal Makes it Easy to Drag and Drop Files to Your Phone Wirelessly

Moving files between your smartphone and PC has always been kind of a pain in the neck. You have to navigate your device’s file system, sometimes you need to flip a switch in a hidden OS menu and, worst of all, you almost always need a USB cable. Want a better way? Check out Portal, a new app from Pushbullet that makes wirelessly transferring files to your phone drag-and-drop easy. Read More >>

Forget Smartwatches, You Can Strap This Bendable Phablet Onto Your Wrist

Over the past year or so we've seen an awful lot of wearable devices, like smartwatches, designed to complement the smartphone experience. As of yet none of them are capable of replacing the phone in your pocket,until now. Meet Portal, a flexible phablet device that comes with a strap that lets it sit comfortably on your forearm. Read More >>

How Can Portal Look This Unbelievably Amazing On a Graphing Calculator?

If you thought spelling out childish messages was the only fun you could have with a calculator, think again. Some incredibly talented hacker who goes by the handle Builderboy has written a Portal clone for Texas Instruments Ti-83 and Ti-84 graphing calculators. Read More >>

This Incredible Portal Gun Replica Actually Makes a Companion Cube Float In Mid-Air

OK, so we've seen some really cool replica Portal guns in the past, even one that actually works, but this one totally blows them all away. This one genuinely makes a companion cube levitate, right there, floating in mid-air. Read More >>

Scientist Finds Hidden Portals in Earth’s Magnetic Field

According to NASA, Jack Scudder—a researcher at the University of Iowa—has found "hidden portals on Earth's magnetic field [that] open and close dozens of times each day." Some of them are open for long periods of time. Read More >>

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It’s Not Quite All Fun and Games With a Real Working Portal Gun

When you get a model Portal gun in the post and it turns out it actually works, how amazing would that be? Well, until you get stuck in a portal loop of course. That's just got to hurt. Read More >>

A Cheap Set-Top Box Is Today’s Gateway-to-the-Dave-Channel Deal of the Day

Be warned people – the days of analogue TV are numbered and digital telly-watching is the only future that we can lookforward to. Also, they’re killing Ceefax, but we’ll have to just get over that. Read More >>

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Portal, Minecraft and Crystal Maze Are the Future of Absolutely Awesome Crazy Golf

Crazy golf is the sport of champions. Anyone can pay their five-quid and play, but it takes real skill (or oodles of luck) to master. What happens when you combine Portal, Minecraft, Crystal Maze and more with crazy golf? Pure, epic fun that’s what. Read More >>

This Awesome Steampunk Portal Gun Makes Me Crave For a 19th Century Portal Game

We've seen what the portal gun looks like in pixel-perfect replicas, but what would happen if you dumped it back in time? This gorgeous steampunk version, built out of the odds and ends of old dead things, is about as close as you'll get to finding out. Read More >>

Giving Mario a Portal Gun Was the Work of a Pure Genius

Have you ever thought about what a classic like Super Mario Bros would be like if you added a portal gun into the mix? Wonder no more; the folks at Stabyourself have released Mari0 – a glorious remake of the classic platformer now with just a touch of portal jumping-magic. Read More >>

Very Small Chunk of Portal Spotted Running on Android

Now, don't get too excited as this is unofficial and only one level, but... some clever developers have managed to get a proof-of-concept version of PC favourite Portal running on Android hardware. Read More >>

The Full Sized Portal Gun You Can Actually Own

Finally you can own your very own life-sized Aperture Science Handheld Portal gun starting in April. Unlike the cake, this Portal gun is as real as they come, minus the hole-in-the-wall firing stuff, of course. Read More >>