Watch an Artist Spend 90 Hours Drawing a Million Dots to Make a Portrait

Artists David Bayo’s skills are all the more impressive when you lean it to get a closer look at his work. Instead of carefully applied brush strokes, he creates lifelike portraits by laying down dots, millions of them, in a painstaking process that required over 90 hours of work for this simple black and white piece. Read More >>

Here’s a Bacterial Portrait of Stephen Fry Made in a Petri Dish

That's a sentence I'll probably never write ever again. This image of Q.I presenter Stephen Fry is made up of bacteria taken from the actor's own body, grown in a petri dish and preserved under a layer of protective resin. Read More >>

Creepy Portraits of People Taken by a Desktop Scanner

German artist Till Koeeneker created these full-size portraits of her closest friends and family members with an ordinary desktop scanner. Each one of these scanner portraits gets up close and personal, capturing every wrinkle and stray hair. Read More >>

MPs Blew £250,000 on Some Rather Poor Portraits of Themselves

A bizarre new waste of money by those in power has been uncovered, revealing that members of the government paid £10,000 to commission a portrait of Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and similar sums to immortalise the likes of William Hague and Diane Abbott in oil. Read More >>

The Amazing Art of Perfect Portrait Photography

A well-shot portrait is an amazing thing: it can reveal hidden depths of personality and convey layers upon layers of emotional complexity. This video tries to get to the bottom of what makes the perfect portrait photograph. Read More >>

Having Strangers Draw Your Facebook Profile Pic Is Pretty Awesome

Here's something we should all totally get behind: strangers drawing strangers' Facebook profile pictures. Called Selfless Portraits, it's an incredible art project that allows random people to draw other random people's profile pics, and collects them all in a gallery of side-by-side portraits. Some of them are wonderful. Others are bonkers. All of them are awesome. Read More >>

These Thread-and-Nail Portraits Are 50 Shades of Great

At first glance, these portraits (part of a series called "Constellation") by New York-based artist Kumi Yamashita might appear to be black and white photographs, or pen-and-ink drawings, but they are in fact made of materials far less germane to the fine art of portraiture. Read More >>

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Funny Before and After Kids’ Portraits Show the Horrors of Oral Surgery

I went through oral surgery more than a month ago and I still have nightmares featuring the cracks deep inside my skull as my dentist struggled to break a huge molar. Again. And again. And again. That's why these kids' before and after portraits make me cringe—but also laugh. Read More >>

How to Find the Perfect Portrait Lighting Using a Marble

This is a really great portrait photography trick that requires no special equipment: use a black marble to see how the light hits on the eyes of the person you want to photograph: Read More >>

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This Woman’s Fake Face Is Made from 500 Faces

Self-portraitist clickflashwhirr has been snapping shots of her mug every day for over a year — and that's nothing new on the net. But averaging 500 of those snaps into one artificial face? Beautifully creepy. Read More >>