Post-It’s New App Tries to Bridge the Gap Between Digital and Reality

Despite the number of free, awesome note-taking apps any smartphone-owning person can lay their hands on, Post-Its are still probably the most popular way to jot down a quick reminder. In an effort to make their flagship product more digital and down with the productivity-focused kids, 3M has released an app to help digitise your scribbles. Read More >>

Loveable Rogue/Joker/Prankster Etc. Plasters House With Post-it Notes

Oh, he is a one, that Paul Stanley. Quite the character. Always up for a laugh. Wacky. Probably also a bit lonely, but hides it well. To pass some of the time before he dies, Paul decided to invest eight hours of his life covering the home of two of his friends with post-it notes. He's literally mad. Read More >>

How Facebook’s New News Feed Was Developed Using… Post-Its

Some times, the good ol' fashioned ways are the best. Seems Facebook would certainly agree: according to a blog post, its new news feed was developed using paper, Post-its, and a large blank wall. Read More >>