Royal Mail Workers Expected to Call Christmas or Black Friday Strikes Today

As many as 100,000 Royal Mail staff represented by the Communications Workers Union have been taking part in a ballot over possible strike action, with the answer expected to be "yes" and the result of the poll made public today at 3:30pm. Read More >>

Barclays Abandons Post Office Cash Withdrawal Scheme

Barclays bank has decided to sabotage the poor little village post offices that are stepping into the money management void left by the departure of small bank branches, as the banking giant is to stop letting its customers withdraw money using their debit cards at post office counters. Read More >>

Royal Mail to Restart Second Daily Delivery Runs

The postmen and postwomen and postpeople of the nation will soon start coming around for a second time later in the day, like they used to do in the olden days, to help cope with our modern demand for loads of exciting parcels to be delivered as soon as possible. Read More >>

Labour Plans to Invent the “Post Bank” for the High Street

The nation's network of post offices would turn into a new form of hybrid bank branch under a future Labour government, with the party thinking this "Post Bank" would enhance access to banking facilities on the high street, seeing as the bank-banks would rather their physical branches be sold off ASAP and turned into Shoe Zones. Read More >>

Fat Post Boxes for Parcels Make Life Easier for eBayers

The Royal Mail is doing something new with post boxes. This could tear the nation apart worse than Brexit. It has created a super-fat-mouthed post box variant for parcels that's out on trial right now, and is designed to serve the significant proportion of the population that ekes out a living from posting out packages every day. Read More >>

Post Office Strike to Test Parents’ Father Christmas Lying Skills

If you were planning to send Christmas presents to friends or family members living abroad this year, the Post Office has provided a great excuse for you to delay, delay and delay your shopping. Read More >>

Royal Mail Opens up Parcel Posting on Sundays

Back in 2014, the Royal Mail started opening a select few of its busiest urban post offices for business on a Sunday -- now it's expanding the service to allow people to dump larger parcels in its delivery office service points on Sundays too. Read More >>

Post Office to Chop Nearly 600 Jobs from Backend Staff

Around 600 workers for the Post Office are about to lose their jobs says the Communication Workers Union, in a move it warns could see the UK's magical letters and things-off-the-internet delivering service go the way of the steel industry. Read More >>

Government Dumps Remaining Royal Mail Shares and Pockets £591m

The UK's postal service is now fully private following 2013's partial privatisation, with the government banking an extra £591m from selling its final 13 per cent chunk of the company -- for an equivalent price of 455p a share. Read More >>

Post Office Mobile Starts Selling PAYG SIMs

The Post Office has launched a new mobile service in the UK, opting to call it Post Office Mobile. When you've got a brand name that ingrained in UK culture, you don't change anything. Read More >>

Your Next Smartphone Might be Bought at the Post Office

The next time you head to the Post Office, it might not just be to pick up a missed parcel. Teaming up with EE, the Post Office has today announced that it is going to become a mobile provider, acting as an MVNO using EE's network infrastructure. Read More >>

London Post Office Railway Reopening as a Tourist Attraction in 2020

London's Islington council has approved plays by Royal Mail to turn part of its relatively unknown underground postal railway into a tourist attraction, with letter, train and tunnel nerds able to come together to enjoy travelling a remodelled part of the line by the year 2020. Read More >>

Post Office Computer Bugs May Have Wrongly Sent Staff to Prison

The Post Office's computer systems have been found to be a little buggy, which won't be much compensation to the 100+ sub-postmasters who've been accused of defrauding the PO and prosecuted for lying in their books. Read More >>

Amazon to Deliver Parcels to Over 5,000 Cornershops

Amazon has stepped up its game, allowing you to pick up your orders from over 5,000 cornershops and newsagents up and down the country, further blurring the line of being just another online retailer. Read More >>

Royal Mail Might Earn Those Enormous Price Increases by Making GPS Better

The Royal Mail is putting its fleet of vans and people to work in a clever new way, using the daily rounds of its crews in East Anglia to augment existing GPS data and add super-accurate details of every property to a new database of addresses. Read More >>