Moving Is Rubbish, Especially If You’re A Geek

If you thought moving was hard, try to do it with a 7,000 piece Lego set. Read More >>

There Are So Many Amazing Halloween Posters It’s Almost Scary

When John Carpenter released Halloween in 1978, he never could have imagined this happening. We don’t mean the abundance of slasher imitators that spawned multiple franchises of their own. We mean all the damn movie posters based on the film! Read More >>

Travel to the Wonderful Worlds of Disney With These Beautiful Posters

One of the many things that make animated Disney movies so memorable are the exotic locations. Some are real, like Paris in Ratatouille. Others are fantasy, like Arendelle in Frozen. But no matter if the settings are real or fictional, the places in those movies are places we’d love to visit. Read More >>

star wars
Luke’s Magical Last Jedi Trick Gets an Equally Magical Poster

How does one take both the reality and fantasy of Luke Skywalker’s final moments and display them in a single image? How about glow in the dark? That’s what artist Mark Englert has done in his brand new poster for Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi called “I Will Not Be The Last Jedi,” which Gizmodo can exclusively reveal today. Read More >>

Time to Celebrate One of the Best-Loved Modern Pop Culture Artists

You may not know the name Matt Ferguson, but odds are you know his art. Ferguson has made popular art for Marvel, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, every gallery, every big poster company, and so much more. You may have been handed one of his posters if you went to the opening night of a popular movie in recent months and, famously, he mashed up Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy with memorable results. Now, he’s getting a celebratory retrospective exhibit. Read More >>

The Best Scene in Batman Begins Comes to Life in an Impressive Group Art Show

Hundreds of bats fly to Batman’s aid as he valiantly tries to save his love from a deadly poison. The two escape in a rooftop Batmobile car chase and the rest is history. This moment from Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins is a moment I never want to forget. And now, thanks to a new art show, I’ll never have to. Read More >>

You Thought You Were Done Buying Force Awakens Stuff? Think Again

Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in. Read More >>

Ads Will Be Even Harder to Escape Now That Posters Can Hijack FM Radio

Visual ads like signs, posters, and billboards are easy to ignore—you just need to look away. But what if a poster for a concert started broadcasting music or notifications to your smartphone? Researchers at the University of Washington have found a way to turn print ads into low-power radio stations, making a future inundated with advertisements seemingly impossible to escape. Read More >>

Gorgeous Minimoog Cutaway Poster Hides 28 Electronic Music Pioneers Inside It

Design shop Dorothy has a new cutaway schematic print that reveals the inner working of the Minimoog analogue synthesiser that’s been a distinctive part of electronic music for decades. But you won’t find transistors or electronic components inside—just 28 electronic music pioneers hidden like a Where’s Wally book. Read More >>

Power-Up Your Walls With This Super Mario Bros. Level 1-1 Poster Set 

It’s considered to be one of the most perfectly designed video game levels of all time because it introduces players to new gameplay concepts without an instruction manual. And if you have fond memories of Super Mario Bros.’ Level 1-1 (who doesn’t?) you can now immortalise it on your wall. Read More >>

A History of Graphic Design as Told by 18 Classic Posters

A new exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt design museum in New York focuses on the cultural impact of this persuasive graphic design medium and the science behind what makes posters in particular pack their visual punch. Read More >>

The First Batman v Superman Posters are Excellent

We've just seen the first trailer for Batman v Superman, and now the first posters have hit the scene. They do look pretty sweet -- I can totally see old Clark Kent rocking a little Batwing eyemask in the future. [GamesRadar+] Read More >>

These Mad Max: Fury Road Posters are Insanely Cool

Mad Max: Fury Road is already one of our most anticipated film releases of the year, and the superb conceptual posters that the folks over at PosterPosse are pulling together (of which the above is just one of many) are ramping up that excitement to feverish levels. Click here to see the full bunch. [PosterPosse] Read More >>

Train Etiquette Posters From 1970s Japan are Just as Relevant Today

Don't smoke in the train station. Don't spit your gum on the floor. And please, god, don't splay your legs out like no one else is around you. These sound like basic rules of today's public transit, but they're actually messages that graced the walls of Tokyo's subway forty years ago. Read More >>