Lumoback Posture Sensor Will Save You a Lifetime of Quasimodo Insults

My posture is bad. I mean, really bad. Bell tower squatter bad. I've tried the ruler-down-the-shirt method, and fancy chairs, but I just can't get comfortable unless I'm trying to return to the foetal position. The Lumoback posture sensor however may have what it takes to succeed in straightening me out where my sloping shoulders would once have shrugged. Read More >>

How to Sit Correctly with Good Posture So You Don’t Kill Yourself

Are standing desks last year's advice? Whatever. Unless you're lucky enough to be on your feet all day for work, you probably sit too much, we all do. When we go home, we sit on the couch. When we have dinner, we sit on a chair. When we watch a movie, we sit in the cinema. When we go out, we sit on a stool. Our life is full with sitting interrupted by little moments of walking so it's important to well, be good at it. This animation video shows you the correct posture for sitting. [Flikli via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

Posture-Detecting Monitor Will Nag You If You Slouch

You spend your whole day staring at your monitor, but would it freak you out if your monitor was staring back at you? Phillips' new ErgoSensor display keeps an eye on your posture and provides suggestions on how you should sit to keep your back and eyes healthy. Read More >>

Your Posture Affects Your Decision Making

Scientists have found that if you lean to the left, you think Michael Jackson had fewer number one hit singles than if you lean to the right or stand up straight. Read More >>

Painful Neck? Smartphone owner? YOU May Be Suffering from Text Neck!

Infomercials, Start Your Copywriting! "Text Neck" is apparently a thing now, and anyone with a smartphone and a sore neck will be ripe for the picking this holiday season! Read More >>