“Mashtag” Potato 3.0 Redesign Beta Rolling Out in March

Birds Eye has invented a new form of food for nutritional gurus, in the shape of Mashtags. Or, as the packaging suggests, Mas#tags, the #New and #Tasty potato shapes. Serving suggestion: Listlessly push them around a chipped plate while feeling sad and not as hungry as you were when you put them in the oven and willing your phone to do something interesting. Read More >>

Viper vs potato
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Is the Humble Potato Faster Than a Speeding Dodge Viper?

Gizmodo is a TV program now, and to celebrate, our friends over at Jalopnik got on board to help find out what was faster, a Dodge Viper SRT or a potato. Surprisingly, the potato wins, but then, the Viper's no Lambo Veneno, now is it? [Jalopnik] Read More >>

Crook Sells Potatoes as iPhones to Unsuspecting Britons

A sneaky con man has managed trick at least three people in Hull into buying a potato, or bottled water, when they thought they were getting a shiny new iPhone. The guy just puts a potato in an iPhone box and makes a quick exit before his mark opens the thing. The same trick has been pulled on the street at different locations, but police believe it's the same guy behind every fraud. Read More >>