Coventry Pothole Can’t Shaft Residents Thanks to One Giant Prick

If the council isn't going to give a fuck about the potholes, then someone else will. And that someone is decorating them with giant, spurting cocks. Read More >>

Learner Drivers Need Testing on Hole Spotting, Says the AA

Our roads are in such a state that the learner driver process needs adapting to take all the potholes into account, according to the AA, which thinks that spotting and panic-avoiding holes in the road ought to be added to the hazard perception part of the driving test, alongside the classic children/ice cream van Kobayashi Maru situation and the guidelines on how to best overtake the modern cycling warriors. Read More >>

Scottish Council Rejigs Pothole Rules to Cut Repair Costs

Today’s episode of Council Gaffe of the Week (it should be a real show) features Perth and Kinross Council, which has decided that it’s worth risking people’s safety in order to save cash. The local authority has ruled that potholes need to be at least 60mm deep for it to consider filling them. The previous minimum depth was 40mm, so it’s a significant alteration to the rules. Read More >>

Cyclist Sues Over Pothole Crash

A man who broke his elbow, his cheekbone and lost consciousness for a while after clattering his bike into a pothole is suing his local council, hoping to teach them a lesson -- and get enough money together to pay for a new pair of shorts. Read More >>

Spray-Painting Phalluses on Potholes is One Way to Get Them Fixed

The roads around my house have emerged from the winter looking like the set from a WWII epic set on a war-torn Moon. Local government, as a rule, sucks at repairing car-eating potholes in a timely and effective manner — unless, that is, you surround set pothole with a brightly coloured penis. Read More >>

Government Claims its Investing £6bn in Mending Potholes and Fixing up the Roads

The government has revealed its plans for road spending over the next few years, with the headline figure it's arrived at being a total spend of £6bn on repairing English roads between now and the year 2021. Read More >>

PM Says £15bn “Roads Revolution” Will Power the UK’s Recovery

The government is planning to spend around £15bn on enhancing some of the UK's most troublesome stretches of road, targeting accident blackspots and heavy congestion zones while also widening stretches of existing tarmac. Read More >>

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The Utility Truck Can Exterminate a Pothole Every 120 Seconds

Getting  work crews out to patch roads is sometimes more trouble than its worth. It snarls traffic for hours at a time, costs councils hundreds of thousands of pounds annually, and typically only fixes the problem for a short time. But this gravel-blasting utility truck aims to make the permanent patch process faster than firing a gunstick. Read More >>

Government Invests £30,000 in Cycling Charity’s Pothole Location App

The Department for Transport has given cycling charity Cyclists' Touring Club a £30k Christmas bonus, allowing the bike enthusiasts to extend and develop a smartphone app that tells councils where the largest and most dangerous potholes are on our dilapidated streets and roads. Read More >>

Britain’s Mess of Road Potholes Could Cover the Isle of Wight

Stats on the state of our roads have concluded that we have around 295 square miles of potholes in the UK, enough, if combined through some sort of continental drift disaster, to fill an area twice the size of the Isle of Wight. Read More >>

Google Street View Could Be the Best Road Crew Ever

Potholes are not a joke. They get in your way, damage your car and make you spill a Starbucks Venti's worth of coffee on your already-dingy upholstered seats. But new research shows that Google Street View may be all municipalities need to correct the problem. Read More >>