We’re Getting Some Coloured-in Coins

An updated set of  Beatrix Potter 50p pieces is launching in the UK later this year, and in a bonkers first for our historic coinage some of them are being coloured in. It's enough to make you embrace the euro. Read More >>

Seen a Load of Owls Flying About Recently? It’s All Harry Potter’s Fault

Apparently Britain is positively overflowing with owls that have been turfed out of their homes. Potter fans that fell in love with the wizard's mail-delivering pet owl, Hedwig, all went out and bought one. Now that Potter's all done and dusted the poor owls are getting dumped too. Read More >>

Prove You’re the Ultimate Harry Potter Fan With This Back-Breaking £200 31-Disc Box Set

There are Potter fans, and then there are Potter fanatics. If you happen to be the latter then you might be interested to know that there’s a colossal 31-disc box set up for pre-order that looks like something out of a Victorian-era period drama. Read More >>