How Fantastic Beasts Failed at Representation, and What J.K. Rowling Can Do About It

I come not to bury J.K. Rowling, but to praise her. Harry Potter was an honest to god phenomenon, impacting my generation in roughly the same way Star Wars did for the one before us. The world she created fascinated us and the fandom was deeply invested in the story. But in her rush to expand the Wizarding World beyond Wizarding Britain, Rowling has run into the limits of her experience and knowledge. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Read More >>

Everyone Can Carry On Reading Stuff Meant For Children With Pottermore

JK Rowling's Pottermore web experience has now launched to the general public, with fans of the franchise now able to sign in and read yet more nonsense about wizards and magical talking animals, regardless of whether they were part of the closed beta period or not. Read More >>

Pottermore Steps Out of Fantasy Land and Actually Starts Doing Something

Since its launch, Pottermore has failed to do the obvious and sell Harry Potter ebooks. For crazed Hogwarts fans everywhere, though, the wait is finally over; now you can read about wizards on your Kindle. Read More >>

Pottermore Won’t Sell Harry Potter Until Next Year

Pottermore was supposed to be huge. Instead, it's a million crazed Potter fans, most of them kids, playing Harry Potter minigames. Great! Kids love minigames. But why the hell isn't Pottermore selling Harry Potter ebooks? They're blowing this, big time. Read More >>