RIP Round Pound Coin: Here’s What You Can Do With Your Leftovers

Yesterday was the last official day the old rounded poin coins were classified as legal tender, which means from now they're much, much harder to get rid of. While there has been plenty of notice for people to get ride of all their old coins, some people might have a few lying around. Rather than letting that money go to waste, there are things you can do. Let's take a look: Read More >>

Reminder: You’ve Only Got Two More Weeks to Spend Your Old Pound Coins

It's been over six months since the new pound coins first went into circulation, which means that time is running out for the old counterfeiter-friendly versions you might have lying down the back of the sofa. You've only got another two weeks before you stop being able to spend them. Read More >>

There Are Faulty New Pounds In Circulation, Mint Admits

The new pound was described as "the most secure coin in the world" when it was released in March this year, but the Royal Mint has now admitted that some are faulty. Read More >>

Nine Things You Might Not Know About the Great British Pound

Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand and prepare for God Save the Queen… It was 30 years ago this week that Chancellor Nigel Lawson announced that the pound note was a goner, to be replaced by the already-in-circulation pound coin to change pockets, purses and vending machines forever. Read More >>

More Secure 12-Sided £1 Coin Shown Off to Distract Us From Budget Day

Ahead of today's budget, Chancellor George Osborne dipped into his pocket and displayed a new 12-sided £1 coin, the coin's first redesign in 30 years. The reasoning behind this costly move? It's less-easy prey for counterfeiters, supposedly. Read More >>