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Video of a Cat Fight as Seen From the Perspective of One of the Cats

Someone put a camera on the collar of his cat to see his antics out of the house. The camera captured a cat fight seen from the perspective of one of the cats. Apparently, the owner says, his furry overlord is quite the block bully. Read More >>

An Exhilarating First-Person Ride in The McLaren P1

The McLaren P1 is the supercar of the moment, and possibly the first truly excellent hybrid the world has ever seen. Only a few hundred of the cars were made, so driving one is out of reach for most humans. No matter. Thanks to a head-mounted camera on one lucky driver, you too can now experience what it’s like to do 300km/h in a McLaren P1. Read More >>

Watch an Insanely Relaxing Flight Across the Arctic Ice Plains by NASA

What you see here is some of the best footage shot from the front and back mounted cameras on one of the P-3B aircraft that runs NASA's IceBridge missions. These vistas are from the spring mission over Greenland and the Arctic, but NASA's going back for more this fall. Read More >>

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Here’s How You Park the World’s Biggest Container Ship

The newly constructed Triple-E line of cargo ships from Emma Maersk are massively, enormous vessels. They dwarf even the mightiest aircraft carriers, displacing some 165,000 metric tons. It's logical that parking one can be just a wee bit of a challenge. But the crew aboard the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller make it look easy, even thought it was the ship's maiden voyage and her first time ever pulling into port. Read More >>

Here’s Your First-Ever Google Glass Porno Trailer (NSFW)

The first ever proper porno shot with Google Glass has wrapped and I don't know whether to laugh, cry or run away. Read More >>

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What a First-Person View of a Lightsabre Duel Looks Like

If lightsabres ever become real, and let's be honest some genius will dedicate his entire life into making that happen, I hope the entire world will be well practiced in how to handle them. Sure the ballet of Star Wars characters fighting in light sabres looks great (or ridiculous), but when you get an up close view on the sword fight? The whole world will be missing at least one of their hands. Read More >>

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POV Ice Hockey With Google Glass Is Better Than Rinkside Seats

Watching ice hockey and playing ice hockey are two entirely different experiences. Or at least they were until Joseph Lallouz got his hands on a pair of Google's new wearable computer system and took it to his local skating rink. The result — awesome first person hockey. Hint, hint NHL/Premier League/cricket/golf. Read More >>

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Watch This: POV Aerial Shots Taken with $12k Copter

Birds Eye Productions specialises in high-quality, remotely-controlled miniature helicopters for photography and videography. Their 2012 show reel is incredible example of the state of the art of this technology. [Reddit] Read More >>

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Watch This: POV Footage of Pilot’s Crash Landing Proves a Valuable Learning Tool

Larry Hockensmith—a licensed power pilot for over 40 years, but still a student glider pilot—was flying over the Cleveland National Forest, a few miles southwest of Lake Elsinore, California, when he executed a rather dramatic and unfavourable outlanding, effectively "totaling" his Schweizer 1-26 sailplane, valued at £5,500. Read More >>

Porn’s Seriously Looking at Google Glass

That awesome Google Glass demo proved that strapping a decent quality camera to the faces of extreme sports nutters made for some awesome first-person viewing. Funnily enough, porn thought the exact same thing, and Google should be happy about it. Read More >>

GoPro Goes Off the Deep End With HD Hero Dive Housing

The awesome little GoPro HD Hero cameras, which always pop up on TV whenever someone's doing something extreme and needs a camera strapping to their heads, now has a case designed to take the popular video capture machine underwater. Read More >>

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Bodacious Longboarding Babes Dominate a Downhill

Watch Anna and her friend utterly destroy a hill as part of the Maryhill Freeride 2012. The girls are gorgeous, the scenery is gorgeous, and the ride itself is sublime. Best of all, nobody rivets out and bails. And extra props to the cameraman for filming and skating the course simultaneously. [BoingBoing] Read More >>

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The 12 (Actually 13) Most Awesome GoPro Videos So Far

Man, you really can strap a Go Pro to just about anything, can't you? Our friends at Oobject have assembled twelve of the most creative uses the versatile camera. Read More >>