This Modified Nintendo Power Glove Will Make You the Lord of Drones

Nintendo’s Power Glove is a favourite among hackers looking for new uses for the decades-old peripheral. This latest project puts humanity in dominion over our quadcopter subordinates. Read More >>

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Hacker Controls This Rave-Approved LED Suit With an NES Power Glove

The Power Glove was the quirkiest little peripheral ever devised for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Although it found only limited use on that platform, modern day tinkers with access to cheap and simple microcontrollers can now turn these 25-year-old video game artefacts into futuristic wearables. Read More >>

This is the Power Glove Oven Mitt You Want to Buy

About a year ago we brought news of a Power Glove themed oven mitt that made anyone who grew up playing the NES excited to do some baking. But that version was made of heatproof fabric and while it looked convincing enough, it can't hold a candle—or a hot tray of cookies—to this amazingly detailed silicone Power Glove oven mitt. Read More >>

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Be as Strong as Iron Man With This Awesome-Looking Power Glove

It’s the stuff of every sci-fi fans’ dreams – strap on a robotic suit and transform yourself into a superhero with incredible super-human strength, Iron Man-style. What you’re looking at here is proof that it’s not quite as farfetched an idea as you’d think. Read More >>