Government Ignores Objections to New Cumbrian Coal Mine

Objections to West Cumbria Mining's plan to open a new coal mine in the UK for the first time since forever have been dismissed by the government, so the Woodhouse Colliery project is definitely going to happen. Men will go back to digging it out, although probably with machinery and helmets and pensions now, and maybe some women even. Read More >>

Eden Project Plans Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Cornwall's staggeringly popular Eden Project attraction has secured enough money to fund its geothermal energy ambitions, and is to begin drilling a 4.5km-deep hole in the ground in order to harness heat from the rocks below the domes to power itself – and perhaps local homes – using the ultimate in ground-source heating. Read More >>

Flying Replacement Batteries Could Massively Boost a Drone’s Flight Time

Borrowing a trick from the Air Force, whose planes can complete long-range missions thanks to in-flight refueling from tanker aircraft, researchers at UC Berkeley showed off a novel way to keep small drones in the air almost indefinitely: flying replacement batteries that can be swapped without landing. Read More >>

Cuadrilla “Demobilises” at Controversial Preston Fracking Site

Cuadrilla appears to have ended the fracking part of operations at its site in Lancashire, although it remains in business and is testing the flow rates of gas from a second well it pumped full of water back in August; before the quakes came and forced it to suspend all fracking. Read More >>

Poundland Makes Alexa/Google Mobile With Cheap Virtual Assistant Power Packs

Poundland is entering the baffling world of the smart-device-virtual-assistant-mini-speaker, with the release of a series of power pack cases designed to run your favourite brand of voice-activated nonsense while away from the reach of a plug socket. Read More >>

New Research Promises Electric Car Batteries That Last For a Million Miles

Electric motors guzzle electricity, which can be especially hard on a rechargeable battery. The power cells used in electric vehicles, like Teslas, have an expected lifespan of around 300,000 to 500,000 miles, but a team of battery researchers believes it has come up with a recipe that can double that, leading to batteries that could potentially outlast the electric car itself. Read More >>

Wales Agrees to Build New Gas-Burning Power Station

The Welsh government has granted planning permission for Drax – yes the same Drax that wants to capture carbon – to build an entirely gas-burning new power station outside of Swansea. The initial plans appear to show the chimneys pointing at the sky. Read More >>

National Grid Tries to Blame God/Lightning for Mass Power Cut

An initial report into the cause of the enormous power cut that stranded commuters and inconvenienced the tea-making arrangements of home workers on August 8 has been released, with National Grid trying to ease blame away from itself and get a rogue lightning strike in trouble instead. Read More >>

Environmentalists Demand Fridge Doors

The big old racks of cold bottled beverages in our supermarkets and the convenient newsagent are today's target for environmentalists, who have run the maths on their solar calculators and found that these doorless chillers consume one whole percent of the nation's entire energy supply. A cold Ribena is often important, but perhaps not so important that it keeps the national grid straining to cope. Read More >>

Low-Carb Power Crossed 50 Per Cent Milestone in 2018

53 per cent of the UK's electricity was created by non-fossil generating sources in 2018, although this figure does include power coming from nuclear options so isn't quite all world-saving amazing news, depending on if you're #TeamNuclear or not. Read More >>

Government Plans Tax Attack on Home Solar Installs

The tax enforcers at the HMRC are proposing a massive increase in the tax payable when purchasing a home solar and battery combo, with the existing 5 per cent VAT rate possibly rising to 20 per cent in the near future. Read More >>

Supermarket Fridges Are a Surprise Grid Power Battery Buffer

Tesco and a team of energy experts from the University of Lincoln have had an idea right out of the pages of a very boring straight-to-Kindle science fiction novel set about seven months into the future. They think supermarket fridges could be engineered to provide the equivalent functionality of a massive battery to smooth out fluctuations in demand across the energy grid. Read More >>

Research Claims Onshore Wind Could Slash UK Energy Bills by £50 a Year

Last week the government announced that it would be focusing on a pretty ambitious climate target, with the goal of reaching a net zero of harmful greenhouse emissions by the year 2050. It's a pretty lofty goal, especially when the current ruling party has been quite into pushing fracking onto the population, and it means a lot of work needs to be done. One of the key areas where Britain can do its part is with wind power, and now new research claims the government should be refocusing its efforts on onshore wind farms. Read More >>

SSE Closes its Last Coal Burning Generator

The bit of Warrington you see from the train may soon be up for demolition, as the town's Fiddler's Ferry coal-fired power station is to be closed by the end of next March. Read More >>

Scotland Builds Giant Super Battery

Scottish Power is about to corner a significant amount of the UK's lithium stocks, as it's preparing to build a huge battery rated to store up to 50 MW of power. Read More >>