Elon Musk Suggests That Tesla Could Rebuild Puerto Rico’s Electricity System With Solar And Batteries

Puerto Rico hasn't had a great time of it recently, and in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria large portions of the country's power infrastructure is in disarray. A lot of effort has been done to provide aid, particularly from Elon Musk who had Tesla ship solar panels and Powerwall batteries to bring power back to the population. Read More >>

Solar is Now the World’s Fastest Growing Method of Energy Production

Here's some good news. According to the International Energy Agency last year saw solar overtake all other forms of energy production to become the fastest-growing source of energy in the world. That's 50 per cent growth, if you're interested in figures. Read More >>

Apple’s Revealed Which Third Party Chargers Will Support Fast Charging

Back when iPhones 8 and X were announced, it was quietly revealed that they would both support fast charging. Some people were probably quite happy about that, even if their spirits were later dampened by the fact Apple is making people buy faster chargers separately. Now, though, a support document has detailed which third party fast chargers are supported, meaning you don't necessarily have to buy one directly from Apple. Read More >>

800,000 Low-Income Houses Will be Getting Free Solar Panels

Renewable energy provider Solarplicity has just announced one of the largest green energy schemes the UK has seen to date, which will see up to 800,000 low-income homes get free solar panels installed over the next five years. Read More >>

UK Fracking Reserves are “Hyped” says Shale Rock Professor

Fracking is controversial to say the least, but Conservative-led government has been pushing for the UK's shale gas reserves to be exploited for a while now. So far the UK has yet to exploit shale gas commercially (though a well is currently being constructed), and according to one geologist it might not be as viable as previously thought. Read More >>

Scotland’s Largest Solar Farm Just Got Approved

Good news for green energy enthusiasts in Scotland, because Moray Council just granted planning permission for the country's largest solar farm. Once built, it should have around 80,000 solar panels. Read More >>

The Next Version Of USB Will Charge Faster And Transfer More Data

If you've been wondering when USB Type-C will take over the world, look around you — its slow and inexorable march is continuing. The latest update to the standard, USB 3.2, doubles the existing 10Gbps speed of USB 3.1, on the same cables. Read More >>

UK Government Does Something Positive About Power And Renewable Energy

The government will invest heavily in the UK to create better battery designs, reduce the tariffs that discourage people selling their own electricity back to the grid and make smart devices use power more intelligently. Read More >>

At This Point, Amazon Can Crush a Company Just By Filing for a Trademark

Amazon is an unstoppable beast, consuming all industries that are ripe for disruption and unfortunate enough to cross its path. On Monday, its latest victim was the struggling food delivery service Blue Apron. Read More >>

Samsung’s Obsession With Non-Exploding Batteries Is Good For Your Phone

Since the exploding Note 7 cost Samsung billions, and damaged the company's reputation quite substantially, it has become a little obsessed with batteries. It's particularly interested in making batteries that don't explode, although one might question why this wasn't more of a focus previously. Read More >>

What Makes a Nuclear Reactor ‘Fail-Safe?’

When things go wrong at a nuclear power plant, they can go very wrong. The reality is that outside of some high-profile disasters, nuclear power is extremely safe. But what does it mean when people say that a nuclear reactor is “fail-safe?” Read More >>

We Are One Step Closer To Large-Scale Algae-Based Biofuel

Making biofuel from algae has just got a little bit easier, as a newly engineered strain produces twice as much oil as its wild parent, according to Californian researchers. Read More >>

Scientists Just Worked Out How To Wirelessly Charge Electric Cars, On The Go

Imagine charging your electric car with the very road it is driving on, as it drives. There's a new way of charging devices wirelessly, based on fundamental physics, that works even when your device is moving away from the power source. Read More >>

Scientists Say ‘Earth Hour’ Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good

A new study has shown by encouraging us to switch off lights and cut our energy use, campaigns like Earth Hour could be undermining support for government policies to address climate change. Read More >>

The UK Just Produced Over Half Its Electricity Without Burning Anything

Some people don't like renewable energy, but those people all own oil wells or mines of some sort. For the rest of us an increasing amount of energy from sources like wind and solar is nothing but good news. After all, who doesn't want to tap into the unlimited amount of solar, wind and wave power we can access? Read More >>