Scottish Power is Switching to 100% Wind Energy

Wind is good, no matter what some people might say, and it has the capacity to generate an awful lot of energy if enough investment is pumped into the infrastructure. Scottish power definitely believes that, and has announced that it will be selling off its conventional energy generation business to focus all of its attention on generating power from the wind. It's the first major British energy company to do so. Read More >>

Scottish Island Has Electricity All Day Now

The internationally renowned knitwear hotbed that is Fair Isle is in the news today, and not because someone's bought a bespoke jumper for £200. It's because the island is finally luxuriating in an uninterrupted, 24-hour electricity supply. Read More >>

2018 UK Dyson Award Winner Ticks all the Dyson Award Boxes

An invention that involves all of James Dyson's favourite things has scooped the UK leg of the company's design award challenge, with two men and their innovative omnidirectional wind turbine winning global publicity for their tiny spinning generator concept. Read More >>

Eon has Opened up a Smart Energy Concept Home in London

If you've ever wondered just how much impact a full range of smart home technologies can have on everyday life, you're not alone. Energy provider Eon is also curious, and with that in mind it's teamed up with developer Berkley Homes to launch a smart home filled with the latest and best tech. The goal is to study how smart tech can intgrate with daily life, and work out how to make energy efficiency "second nature" to regular people. Read More >>

EU Regulators are Going After Phone Companies With Non-Standard Chargers Again

In 2009 EU rules changed to reduce electronic waste, and had phone companies sign on to agree to adopt a new standard. Basically they couldn't use a different charger for every phone they produced, and had to use microUSB. Now the EU is coming back to this, and seems to have non-adopters in its sights. Which basically means Apple. Read More >>

There’s Way More to Hydrogen Than Just Powering Cars

These days we hear an awful lot about electric cars replacing the older dirty cars than run on petrol or diesel. Electrical engines don't produce any pollution as they run, which means they don't reduce the quality of the local air and screw with our lungs as a result. But whenever you bring up electric cars, inevitably someone will start going on about how we should be investing in hydrogen instead. Because hydrogen fuel doesn't come with all the issues regarding range, power capacity, and recharge time. Read More >>

Nestle’s Opened Up its Own Wind Farm in Scotland

Renewable energy is a big thing these days, and rightly so. Not only is it a viable source of energy, it's good for the planet and the people living on it. So big companies have been doing a lot of investment into renewable power. Mainly because it makes them look good, but I'd still call it a win. The latest big multinational to join in on the sustainable energy bandwagon is Nestle, which has just launched its own nine-turbine wind farm in Dumfries and Galloway,Scotland. Read More >>

There’s Vegan Electricity Now Too

People worried about accidentally aiding the processing of animals into tasty fridge snacks requiring minimal chewing: good news has arrived. There's vegan electricity now, eliminating troublesome animal by-products from the process of charging your telephone. Read More >>

This Plug Senses Outlets and Glows So You Never Have to Shock Yourself Again

Blindly reaching under your desk to find an available outlet to plug in your dying laptop is never a safe idea—I’ve had it go wrong... it was not pleasant. Reaching for a torch is a safer approach, but Ten One Design’s new Stella plug is an even better one. It’s got its own built-in torch that only turns on when electricity is detected nearby, illuminating the outlet and reducing the risk of getting shocked.. Read More >>

Massive Manchester Fridge Battery Goes Online Today

There's a new thing approximating a battery supplying power to the grid in Manchester today, as the latest development in energy storage technology goes live. This one's air-based, using liquefaction to store gas in a liquid form for later use. Read More >>

Eon and Google are Teaming Up to Help You Decide Whether Solar Panels are Worth It

Back in 2015 Google launched something called 'Project Sunroof', a tool designed to help people figure out whether it was worth installing solar panels on their roofs. Google's now expanding that service to other countries, and it's hitting the UK in association with Eon. Read More >>

OnePlus is Having Some Issues Trying to Trademark ‘Dash Charge’ in the EU

When it comes to fast charging, there are quite a few competing standards out there vying to get your phone topped up as quickly as possible. OnePlus's Dash Charge is considered one of the best, but the company is having issue trademarking the brand name in the EU. Issues that may force a name change. Read More >>

500 BMW i3 Batteries Have Been Added to a Welsh Wind Farm

It's a well known fact that lithium ion batteries degrade over time, and there are some EV naysayers that love to point this out whenever the topic of electric car batteries comes up. It's true, eventually there will be a point where those batteries won't be all that useful for driving - for a variety of reasons. But those old batteries aren't scrapped, they're put to use elsewhere. Nissan's been connecting old batteries to solar panels and installing them in homes, and a bunch of BMW i3 batteries have just been installed at a Welsh wind farm. Read More >>

Nation’s Lights Kept on for 55 Hours Without Burning Coal

All those turbines you see along the motorways seem to be doing the job, as the UK set a new record for powering itself without the need to fall back on burning coal for electricity generation. Read More >>

Sweden Just Opened the World’s First Car-Charging Road

Electric cars are fast growing in popularity, but there are still people out there who worry about the infrastructure required to recharge them - particularly the recharge time. While the technology and amount of infrastructure has vastly improved, there are still people out there who have grand ideas about recharging cars as they drive. That idea is one step closer to reality now that Sweden has actually opened up a road capable of recharging EVs that are on the move. Read More >>