Package Thieves Beware the Glitter Stink Bomb 2.0

The guy who made the glitter stink bomb to avenge his stolen package has upped the ante with version 2.0. Read More >>

Nothing to See Here, Just Someone or Something With a TV for a Head Leaving TVs on Porches at Night

In the dead of night this weekend, someone or something left dozens of ageing TVs on the porches and lawns of homes in Virginia, USA. Read More >>

YouTuber Sentenced to Prison For Giving Homeless Man Toothpaste-Filled Oreos

YouTube contains hundreds of videos of the toothpaste-filled-Oreo prank. A cursory search will turn up many of these videos showing children tricking their family into eating a fluoride-filled faux treat. But in January 2017, a teenage, Barcelona-based YouTuber published a video showing a particularly cruel spin on this common prank. Read More >>

YouTube Finally, Explicitly Bans Dangerous Pranks and Challenges After Bird Box Fiasco

YouTube has changed its policies in an attempt to cut down on potentially dangerous challenges and pranks, Engadget reported on Tuesday, updating its rules to explicitly ban them from the site. Read More >>

Viral Video of Glitter Bomb for Package Thieves Exposed as Partial Fake

Remember that viral video of the former NASA engineer who got sick and tired of people stealing his packages? He built an impressively high-tech glitter bomb to prank the thieves and even lent the sneaky invention to friends so they could do the same. Well, it turns out that some of the video was faked by his friends. And the creator, Mark Rober, has apologised for the deception. Read More >>

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Former NASA Engineer Builds Impressive Glitter Bomb to Make Life Hell for Package Thieves

Mark Rober really loves to build things. So when this home electronics tinkerer discovered that some neighbourhood thieves were ripping off Amazon packages from his porch, he did what any self-respecting former NASA engineer would do: He built a glitter bomb made to look like a boxed-up Apple HomePod, and he built it to capture video of the entire thing. Read More >>

Real Utility Knives Were Accidentally Sold as Prank Finger-Slicers in Japan

As Halloween draws near, it’s time to start thinking about macabre ways to prank your friends. The ol’ “fake knife with a notch” is a classic way to make it look like you’ve almost sliced off a finger, but in Japan, one such novelty prop kit was reportedly packaged with real, razor-sharp hobby knives instead of the fake ones. Read More >>

US Student Punished for ‘Implied Threat’ After Putting High School on Craigslist

While some of his classmates wanted to execute end-of-year pranks that would potentially disrupt classes, high school student Kylan Scheele in the US state of Missouri opted for some tomfoolery that was a little more chill. Read More >>

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This Empty Box Hides a Screaming Ghost Head That Will Make All Your Friends Hate You at Halloween

If, for you, Halloween is less about trying to score free candy, and more about terrifying every last adult and child that crosses your path, then a company called VFX Crates has the perfect prank for you. What looks like an empty (suspiciously blood-splattered) box breaks open to send a screaming, heart attack-inducing ghost head lunging at your victim. Read More >>

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This Fake Cracking Effect On a 3,800-Foot High Glass Skywalk Might Be the Meanest Prank Ever

Modern materials engineering allows us to build what looks like precarious glass skywalks perched thousands of feet off the ground. They’re completely safe, but knowing that doesn’t make them any less terrifying to traverse—especially when the glass skywalk you’re on uses transparent LCD screens to make it look like it’s about to shatter and collapse. Read More >>

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9 More Horrific April Fools’ Day Pranks of the 19th Century

Love it or hate it, April Fools’ Day is pretty tame in the 21st century. Krispy Kreme tells you it’s changing its name to Krispy Cream or something and you’re supposed to be “tricked.” Then everybody rolls their eyes and goes on with their lives. But back in the 19th century, April Fools’ Day was hardcore. Read More >>

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Watch Shoppers Freak Out at Talking Food Prank

Seth Rogen’s new animated film, Sausage Party, features supermarkets filled with produce that not only talk, but also have feelings—about being eaten alive. Read More >>

This Guy Keeps Getting Killed in Terrorist Attacks

If this face seems familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen it associated with any number of recent terror incidents. This man has apparently died at least three times since January, most recently in the terrorist attack at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul. So what is happening here? A France24 investigation provides the answer. Read More >>

You’ll Probably Be Able to Buy ThinkGeek’s Clever April Fool’s Pranks Real Soon

April Fool’s Day is an insufferable nightmare. You should just spend the day hiding under your bed covers. There is a silver lining, though. ThinkGeek puts so much effort into its prank creations that they usually end up becoming real products before the year is out. Read More >>

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Being Pranked With a Lifelike Robot Dinosaur Must Be Terrifying

Remember jumping in your seat the first time you saw Jurassic Park? That was just a movie, and you were probably sitting in a 'comfy' cinema chair. Imagine finding yourself coming face to face with what looks like a real dinosaur in a deserted car park. If you don’t have a heart attack, you’ll still have to find a change of trousers. Read More >>