Ready for the Nexus 9?

Ready for Google's new monster tablet, the Nexus 9? You can now pre-order one from Google or Amazon. Prices start from £319. Read More >>

If You Want a PS4 Delivered On Launch Day You Better Pre-Order It Right Now

According to retail sources talking to CVG, if you want a PS4 pre-ordered and delivered on launch day in the UK, you're going to have to get in there and grab one before Monday next week. Apparently it's all to do with Sony not being able to produce enough PS4s to meet demand. Read More >>

You Can Now Pre-Order GTA V and Bag Yourself the Keys to a Blimp

You can finally pre-order GTA V in standard, special, and the all-singing, all-dancing collectors edition, complete with blueprint map, cap, a key, bag, fancy steelbook case and box, plus oodles of extra in-game stuff, including the keys to the Atomic Blip so you can fly that sucker over Los Santos. Read More >>

GTA V Now Up For Pre-Order Along With More Art

We were treated to some leaked art and a few scant details yesterday, but now Rockstar has officially thrown up GTA V for pre-order and released some new art. GTA V is coming folks, and we just have to get past Christmas to get our filthy mitts on it. Read More >>

Apple’s New iMacs Are More Tease Than Reality

It looks like the thinness of Apple's latest iteration of their highly desirable all-in-one isn't the only potential problem for consumers, as, well, there are currently none to buy, nor is the company taking any pre-orders for the svelte machines. Not just that -- Apple has also pulled the previous generation from the store too. Erk. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 900 Priced and Dated For a May Landing in the UK

Nokia’s new flagship Windows Phone, the Lumia 900, is apparently on its way to the UK for May, and while pre-orders are already live, there’s a bit of squabbling about how much it’ll cost. Read More >>

LG’s Beastly Quad-Core Optimus 4X HD Gets Priced and Dated For a UK Release

Online retailer Clove, which has had a decent track record of these things in the past, has priced-up the screaming LG Optimus 4X HD at just £456 for a June 2012 release. Read More >>

Sony Xperia S Goes Up For Pre-Order In the UK

Networks are clearing their store shelves of the now defunct Sony Ericsson gear, all the while the newest Sony-only kid on the block has peeped its head above the parapet, ready for your pre-order. Read More >>

Roku LT and Roku 2 XS Mini-Streamers Priced, Dated and Up For Pre-Order In the UK

We knew that Roku was planning on entering the UK streaming set-top box market, but now we’ve got prices and pre-orders available. Both the Roku LT and the Roku 2 XS will land on our shores at the end of January, sold through Read More >>

How Much Is an iPhone 4S Going to Hurt My Wallet?

iPhone 4S pre-orders and prices are trickling in for most of the UK networks so it's that time again -- trawl through the networks, compare the costs, do the calculations and finally, hopefully, discover that yes, your pay-cheque will cover it. Read More >>

iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Are Live

iPhone 4S pre-orders are live on Apple's online store while 'register your interest' pages are up on various network sites. Read More >>