Amazon Walks Back Its New Pre-Order Policy Probably Because It Sucks and We All Hated It

Amazon is finally reversing the terrible policy it was apparently testing out in Europe that saw customers charged for their games at the point of order, rather that dispatch. Read More >>

Apple Confirms You’ll Be Able to Pre-Order the iPad Pro This Wednesday

Today Apple confirmed the company’s new monstrous iPad Pro will be available for preorder online starting this Wednesday, November 11th, and can be found in Apple stores, select carriers, and at authorised reseller locations later this week. Read More >>

GAME Accused of Ruining Gamers’ “Xbox One Day” By Cancelling Pre-Orders Without Refunds

Videogame retailer GAME has come under fire by an enraged group of customers who claim that their Xbox One pre-orders have been cancelled just days before the console's launch. And, to make matters worse, so far there's no sign of a refund. Read More >>

Megaphone Protest Wins Man £450 PS4 Refund from Blockbuster

Adam Sibley pre-ordered and paid for a PS4 through re-bankrupted entertainment chain Blockbuster, and was told he wouldn't receive the console -- but could have store credit for £450 worth of CDs and DVDs instead. A one-man megaphone protest won him his money back, though. Read More >>

EE Prices up iPhone 5S, Minimum Upfront Fee of £49 Required

After the networks opened their iPhone 5C pre-order campaigns last week and O2 gave us a hint of the horrors to come in terms of 5S pricing, 4G specialist EE has now published the amounts of money it wants off us should we want an iPhone 5S this Friday. Read More >>

iPhone 5C Pre-Orders Open in the UK Today; Here are the Numbers of Pain

The UK mobile networks have all opened up their iPhone 5C pre-orders today, letting rampant Apple fans upgrade to or sign up for the newest model. How many arms and legs are you going to have to assemble and exchange for that slightly better thing? Read More >>

The PS4 Is Officially Sold Out

If you hadn't gotten your pre-order in before Monday, I'm afraid you're unlikely to get your precious PS4 before launch, unless you queue up and try and buy one on the day. All PS4 pre-orders are officially sold out. Can you ever remember that happening before? Read More >>

Halo Maker Bungie Reveals its Destiny

There's a mysterious round object. Some aliens. And you with a gun. It can only be the official reveal of Destiny, the long-rumoured new project from Halo creator Bungie. Read More >>

The iPhone 5 Goes on Sale: Got One Yet?

The iPhone 5 is officially on sale, and right now, you can grab yourself an iPhone 5 from £529 off-network direct from Apple (if you can get in the store), or order one through a network on one of the numerous price plans. If you want 4G, Orange and T-Mobile are your friends, but we still don't know how much 4G will actually cost just yet. Read More >>

iphone 5
If You Want an iPhone 5 on Launch Day, September 21st, You’ll Have to Queue

iPhone 5 pre-orders are live, but here's the thing. Shipping dates direct from Apple are at least two weeks away, and then you have a 2-7 day delivery time. Considering the iPhone 5 is actually available in-store come September 21st, it looks like queuing, probably overnight, is the only way to get your mitts on Apple's new hotness on launch day. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy S III Already a Winner, With 9 Million Ordered so Far

Samsung's already counting the cash and planing a nice little holiday with the proceeds from the sales of its new Galaxy S III model, which has accumulated 9million advance orders from phone shops and networks around the world. Read More >>

Man waiting for iPhone 4S
Vodafone Screws Up Online Pre-Order Deliveries Behind Credit Check Hell

While most of the Brits who actually wanted an iPhone 4S already have them in their grubby little mitts, some Vodafone online pre-orderers are still waiting, as it seems Vodafone's struggling to get them shipped out. Read More >>