Let’s All Feed OpenAI’s Predictive Text Generator the Daftest Crap We Can

This week, Elon Musk-backed OpenAI released to the public the latest version of their GPT-2 predictive text generator, which is capable of taking a writing prompt and continuing based on 40 gigabytes of data pulled from around eight million websites. This is impressive, next-generation technology, and I absolutely cannot stop feeding it the daftest crap imaginable and seeing what it does. Read More >>

Turns Out Elon Musk-Backed OpenAI’s Text Generator Is More Funny Than Dangerous, For Now

Elon Musk-backed non-profit OpenAI, which claimed to have developed a machine learning-powered text generation software so powerful that it couldn’t be ethically released to the public, has... done just that. Read More >>

Created With Artificial Intelligence, This ‘New’ Grimm’s Fairy Tale Is Strange but Magical

It’s the story of a lonely princess, a talking fox, and probably some Transformers or something. Anything is on the table when artificial intelligence is used to craft a Grimm’s bedtime story. Read More >>

Use This Predictive Text Generator To Write Internet Fanfiction 

“Batman isn’t paid to destroy crime corners. He is actually attracted to the crimes and also The Penguin.” Read More >>

I Now Have a Robot Editing All of My Emails for Me

Gizmodo US Reviews Editor Sean Hollister and I have a problem: we’re long time friends but we totally suck at communicating over email. We misunderstand each other and fight a lot. It’s terrible. Today I found a web app called “Crystal” that promises to fix that. It’s editing this post right now. Read More >>

When Was the Last Time You Thought About T9?

Yesterday I was hanging out with a friend who has a dumbphone and he was lamenting the time he wastes composing texts. When I mentioned that I was pretty speedy with T9 in my day he stared at me blankly. And then he asked me a question that I thought I would never hear again. "What's T9?" As waves of early 2000s nostalgia washed over me, I began picking out words on his phone's virgin, unadapted T9. And it was pretty great. Read More >>

The iPhone’s Future Predictive Keyboard Could Make Certain Keys Larger Without You Ever Noticing

Apple has been granted a patent for a predictive text keyboard on mobile devices that will automatically increase the size of touch targets without actually doing so visually. Although this patent, which Apple Insider dug up, is bit confusing in concept, it's execution makes sense. In fact, the idea of implementing this idea without visual indicators actually makes this whole idea much more functional. Read More >>