Premier Inn Says One of its Edinburgh Branches is Battery Powered

One particular Premier Inn in Edinburgh claims to be able to run entirely on batteries, if it so chooses, thanks to having a five-tonne li-ion battery installed on the premises with enough capacity to power the entire 200-room building for three hours. Even if everyone's desperately charging phones and boiling small kettles for their complimentary tea. Read More >>

Premier Inn Reveals New £19 Emergency Crash Micro Hotel Rooms

Premier Inn has come up with a way to make going away even worse an idea than ever, revealing newer, smaller, cheaper hotel rooms for 2019, so that even millennials might be able to afford a short city break. As long as they don't mind it being in Cardiff and sleeping on something akin to a glorified sun lounger. Read More >>

Flagship Premier Inn Opens App Bookings for New Tech-Filled Hub Hotels

The Covent Garden branch of Premier Inn has been kitted out with all the modern things needed to coordinate an entirely app-based booking system, with Android and OS apps now ready to check availability and make reservations. Read More >>

A Cheap Hotel Room is Your Adultery-Enabling Deal of the Day

Hotels are great aren't they? Perfect for having an affair or murdering someone. They're also great for showing just how inept we are when faced with the problem of turning the heating off with a system we're not familiar with. Hotels. Lovely. Read More >>

Premier Inn Rooms For £25 are Your Cheap ‘N, Well, Cheap Deal of the Day

Christmas, as we know, is a time for indulgence and flatulence. There's also people to see and, if you have mates scattered all over the place and can't be bothered sleeping on their awkwardly small sofas in their grimly drafty houses, then why don't you book a room where a businessman may have once had sex with a lady of the night? Read More >>