The Premier League Tackles Illegal Streams in Ireland After Winning an ISP Blocking Order

During this season of football, the Premiere League is continuing to stamp out pirated steams - this time in Ireland. Read More >>

To Combat Kodi Pirates, The Premier League May Stream Its Own Matches

With the various addons and plugins for Kodi you can stream just about anything, from movies to live football. The latter has everyone panicked because four years of the Premier League's global broadcasting rights are worth around £8.3 billion. BT and Sky both currently pay for broadcast rights, and to stream the matches via their own apps and spin-off services like Now TV. The costs of this have driven some users to try and illegally stream the sports without paying. Read More >>

Report: Google to Battle Sky and BT for Live Premier League Football on YouTube

BT last week announced plans to show the Europa League (tonight) and Champions League finals for free online, and a report from the Daily Mail’s Charles Sale suggests that Google will keep a particularly keen eye out for YouTube viewing figures for the two fixtures. Read More >>

Fantasy Premier League Football Players Warned to Check Computers for Malware

If you’re a fan of Fantasy Football, there’s a big chance you’ve been targeted by hackers. Malwarebytes has discovered that the official Barclays Premier League Fantasy Football website has been hit by criminals intent on luring unsuspecting users to an infected site. Read More >>

Sky TV Subscription Prices are Going Up

One of the pricier TV packages out there, you get what you pay for with Sky -- the latest blockbusters, the most Premier League football matches and the best EPG/PVR interface out there. But maintaining that service doesn't come cheap -- Sky forked out a staggering £4.2 billion at the last auction of Premier League broadcasting rights. Then it has to maintain exclusivity of HBO shows including Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire, as well as putting money into its own productions such as Penny Dreadful and Fortitude. Read More >>

Virgin Media Inspires Ofcom Probe That Could See More Premier League Matches Televised

After having a moan at Ofcom about the number of Premier League football matches that go untelevised in the UK each year, Virgin Media has inspired the regulator to look into the matter. Resorting to foreign streams for those 3pm kick offs may be a thing of the past, with Ofcom probing whether or not more matches could be broadcast. Read More >>

Be Careful About Infringing Our Intellectual Property on Vine, Warns Premier League

The English football money police is threatening a "clamp down" on the insta-posting of goals on Vine, after the practise went mainstream during the World Cup. Warning that doing so is a "breach of copyright," the EPL says it's working on a range of measures including GIF and Vine "crawlers" to automate the removal of such clips. [BBC] Read More >>

Hawk-Eye Goal-Line Tech Approved for Premier League Next Season

The Premier League has given the go-head for for goal-line sensor tech, with the proven Hawk-Eye system set to be introduced for the 2013/14 season. Seven cameras in each goal will ensure "millimetre accurate" tracking of the ball, taking some of the guesswork out of controversial did it/didn't it moments. Read More >>

BT is the Surprise New Home of Premier League Football

BT has just agreed to pay an enormous £246m per year to show selected live Premier League matches, which it'll begin to broadcast/stream when the 2013/14 football season starts. How many exchanges could it have upgraded to fibre for that money? Read More >>

Rumour: Apple to Bid For Premier League Football Streaming Rights

The Apple TV is a bit of a lame duck in the UK, especially when compared to what's available in the US. Rumour has it Apple is courting the idea of bidding for the streaming rights for the Premier League to bolster its content roster for the Apple TV and iPad within the UK. Read More >>