Adobe Squeezed the Best Parts of Its Video Editing Suite into a New Mobile App

Adobe has embraced mobile photo editing with open arms, releasing robust apps like Lightroom for processing and perfecting your images on a phone. It hasn’t been quite as committed when it comes to mobile support for video production, which is why it’s nice to see its four-year-old Premiere Clip app being eclipsed by its new Project Rush which merges parts of Premiere, After Effects, and Audition into an all-in-one video app that lets producers master videos right from a mobile device. Read More >>

The Future of Photoshop Looks Borderline Magical

Adobe has made a video with its vision for the future of its tablet-based graphic applications. Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere... it is really amazing, almost unbelievable — borderline magical, really. Check it out. Read More >>

Adobe Reclassifies its Mobile Apps to Reflect Desktop Lineup

Search for Adobe in the App Store and you will find a slue of snappy-sounding apps. It can seem a bit disjointed, so starting today, Adobe is updating and re-organising its mobile app lineup under the monikers of the desktop Adobe fare you know and love. There are also a few more nifty ones to try out! Read More >>

Iron Man 3
In Her Final Act, the Iron Lady Conquers the Iron Man

The UK premiere of Iron Man 3 is being postponed 24 hours, not because the actors are revolting, or because the cinema's all booked up for Star Trek, but because of Margret Thatcher's funeral. Yep, the Iron Lady gets the last laugh. Read More >>