President Obama in Talks to Produce Netflix Show, Apple and Amazon Also Interested

The life of a president after permanently leaving the White House typically involves charity work, paid speeches, and maybe a little painting. But former President Barack Obama could add a new job to the mix: Media powerhouse. Read More >>

2016 election
Obama Orders Report on Whether the Election Was Hacked

President Obama has ordered the USA’s intelligence agencies to complete a full report on “cyber attacks and foreign intervention into the 2016 election” before he leaves the White House, Reuters reported this morning. Read More >>

This Photo of President Obama Hiding in His Shirt is Totally Fake

Have you seen this photo of President Obama telling a scary story with his head inside his shirt? It’s currently doing the rounds on social media as “the single greatest photo of any president” ever. But it’s totally fake. Read More >>

That Photo of Obama Pointing at a Naked Portrait of Trump is Totally Fake (NSFW)

There’s a photo currently swirling around the great big toilet bowl of social media that supposedly shows President Obama in Cuba pointing and smiling at an illustration of a naked Donald Trump. An illustration of Donald Trump sporting a micropenis, no less. But it’s completely fake. Read More >>

President Obama’s 3D Portrait is Spookily Realistic 

The Smithsonian recently created a 3D portrait of President Obama, using 50 custom-made LED lights, eight hi-res sports photography cameras, and six wide angle cameras to capture every nook, cranny, and worry line on Obama's head. The result is the highest resolution digital model of any head of state in the world, so suck on that, Merkel! Read More >>

The White House Brews Its Own Beer

The President oversaw the elimination of Osama bin Laden and he asked the White House kitchen to begin brewing its own beer for parties? Remind me, how is it he's not a shoe-in for reelection? Read More >>