When Martin Shkreli Calls A Pharma Company Out, You Know It Screwed Up

The extensive price hike for a vital, life-saving drug for many with allergies is causing concern among doctors, patients, and politicians—along with a guy responsible for an extensive price hike himself. Read More >>

Vodafone Says Ofcom Changes May Trigger Spam Text Tsunami

Ofcom's looking into ways of stopping controversial mid-contract mobile price rises, with one option being to separate charges the networks are responsible for from ones outside of their control. This, says Vodafone, could mean non-stop SMS spam every time a sex chat line ups its fees. Read More >>

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EE’s Jacking Up Contract Prices Again

This is getting a bit out of hand. Every network seems to be bumping up prices mid-contract, basically forcing everyone to pay more. EE's about to jack up prices by 3.3 per cent from April 10th, and there's nothing you can do about it, again. Read More >>

Space Jump Man Isn’t the Only One With Bad Gas

It looks like British Gas customers are in for a nasty shock to their gadget funds. Despite an increase in profits, apparently British Gas is about to shove up its gas prices, which could make an extra £100 dent in your wallets. Damn, that's a quarter of a Galaxy S III. [Evening Standard] Read More >>

T-Mobile Jacks Up Its Contract Prices and There’s No Escape

Following in the footsteps of its Everything Everywhere partner, we shouldn’t be surprised to find T-Mobile’s jacking up its prices too, and again, you can’t get out of your contract because of it either. Read More >>