iPhone X Will Cost at Least £145 More In the UK Than the US

Bad news for Britons as according to our back-of-the-envelope calculations, it appears that the iPhone X is going to cost significantly more in Britain than it will in the US. Read More >>

Memory Chips Are the Most Expensive They’ve Been in Two Years

Manufacturers and consumers alike better brace themselves: memory chip prices have hit a two-year high because of a major fire in a massive Chinese production plant. Read More >>

xbox one
The Xbox One Might Be Really Expensive

While Microsoft hasn't officially announced a price for the Xbox One -- we're expecting that sting at E3 next month -- that hasn't stopped Amazon Germany from throwing up a price. 599 euros apparently buys you a One, which works out at a hefty £510. Ouch. Read More >>

It’s Less Expensive to Fly to the US and Buy Adobe CS6 Than to Buy It in Australia

Adobe may be trying its best to skirt the issue of crazy high prices in Australia, but it's going to be hard as long as news outlets like News.com.au keep pointing out that it is actually cheaper to fly to the US and pick up a copy of Adobe CS6 than it is to stay in Australia and buy it there. Read More >>

Adobe’s CEO Completely Refuses to Answer Questions About Unfair Pricing

Adobe is currently receiving flack for selling software at inflated prices in Australia, where Creative Suite costs around £1,000 more than in the UK. In this interview, Adobe's CEO Shantanu Narayen completely refuses to explain why. Politicians could learn something from this guy; he's more slippery than a fish coated in Crisco. [YouTube via Verge] Read More >>

How Apple Sets Its Prices

Apple pricing is unlike almost every other brand in consumer tech: consistent across each and every retailer, and rarely discounted. How do Cook and Co manage to pull that off? Read More >>

The iPad Mini Costs Around £150 More Than Its Components Add Up To

According to a teardown by IHS, renowned estimator of how much companies actually pay for components, Apple’s iPad Mini carries a USD$188 (£118) cost of materials. You know how Google and Amazon are just barely breaking even on their tiny tablets? This is the opposite of that. Read More >>

The 16GB Nexus 7 Will Probably Soon Cost Just £160

Leaked pricing details from numerous retailers have all but confirmed that the 32GB version of Google's Nexus 7 will cost £200-odd. Now another leak suggests the old 16GB model will drop to just £160-ish. Read More >>

EE’s 4G Pricing: It’s Not Coming Cheap, That’s For Sure

We've had a date, October 30th, for a while, but now we have prices to go with it. The bad news is there's no unlimited data, and if you want the sweet, blazing waves of 4G before the end of the month you'll have to pay at least £36-a-month for two years to get it. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Could Cost More Than an iPhone 5

OK, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is much, much bigger than an iPhone 5, but could it really command a premium over the £530 asking price of Apple's sales-monster? Pre-orders have gone live for the Note 2 in the UK, and, unfortunately, it's not going to come cheap. Read More >>

The Wii U Will Cost £100 More Than an Xbox 360

We've finally got the UK's Wii U pricing details, and it's not going to come cheap. £250 will bag you just the Basic 8GB version, with the Premium, 32GB version weighing in at a wallet-crunching £300. You can pre-order it now, either at Game or Amazon. Time to start saving for that Christmas hit? Ouch. Read More >>

Is Google Making Any Dosh With the Nexus 7 At All?

The Nexus 7 is cheap, make no mistake about that, and what's on offer for that small amount of cash is a whole lot of tablet. But is Google making any sort of profit on it or maybe even a loss? Read More >>

Sony to Adopt Apple-Style Unilateral Pricing Scheme

Of late, Sony has been struggling to make its impact felt, but some of its recent premium products show real promise. Now, it's getting a premium retail policy to go with them. Read More >>

Sony’s On the Right Track With UK PS Vita Game Pricing

You’ve read the review, you’re eagerly awaiting the 22nd of February release, and now you’re trying to plan you game purchases. I have good news for you, PS Vita games, at least those you download, aren’t going to cost the Earth. Read More >>