Smarten Up Your TV For Less Than £12 With a Discounted Now TV Stick

Pretty much all TVs are Smart TVs these days, but they're not the best supported devices out there. Maybe you'll get a couple of years out of them, and even then you might have to take some extra precautions to keep them secure. It's much better to have a smart device plugged in, since those generally don't have the same problems, and one of them has a hefty discount. Read More >>

Prime Day is Still Going on, and Here are More Deals for 16th July

Prime Day is kind of a misnomer, because the whole sales period does not last 24 hours. When you're operating on a global scale like Amazon you can see how that might be a bit impractical, but it's still pretty cheeky calling two days one day. Read More >>

Lego Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander Sets Gets Surprise Early Release for Prime Day

Back in May Lego made an early announcement for Star Wars day, promising that there would be a Star Wars-themed version of the Lego BOOST robotics set arriving in September. But September was a long way off, and it seems Lego got sick of keeping it in storage for another couple of months. So Droid Commander has come early, like some sort of Prime Day miracle. Read More >>

Step Right This Way for Gaming Deals

Don't forget there are also plenty of gaming deals to enjoy thanks to Prime Day. Our roundups have mainly focused on general tech and few other home essentials, but what about the games? if you need games, accessories, or a new console, make sure to head over to Kotaku UK's round-up and see what's what. Read More >>

Even the iPads Have Been Discounted for Prime Day

Apple is usually pretty well known for not discounting anything, ever. Not unless it's selling really badly and they seemingly need to offload the stock before moving onto something else. But recently they've been knocking a few pounds off the RRP when the big sales come up, and it turns out Prime Day is no exception. In addition to fairly generous (by Apple standards, at least) discounts on iPhones, you can also save some money on a bunch of different iPads. Read More >>

Of Course There are Plenty of Prime Day Deals on Echos and Other Amazon Devices

Amazon never turns down an excuse to put its own stuff on sale, and knocking 50% off the Echo Dot last week was just the start of what it had in store for Prime Day. If an Amazon device is in stock it's got some sort of discount, which will likely be in place until the end of the sale at midnight tomorrow. Or while stocks last. You'd think Amazon would be ready, but you never know how popular those Kids Edition Fire Tablets are. Read More >>

Some More Amazon Prime Day Deals That May, or May Not, be Totally Relevant to You

So today is Prime Day, and if you're interested in getting yourself a deal you've probably taken a look at our main deals post - complete with all our best picks on gadgets and other technology. Well there are plenty more deals where that came from, some of them techy and some of them not. They're no less important, and we figured we might as well point out a few good ones. Because we all need these things, and we might as well save some money in the process. Read More >>

There’s 20% Off Everything on the Amazon Warehouse for Prime Day

If you're after a bargain, Amazon's Prime Day is the place to go today. But if you're after a bargain and you're not too bothered if your item is absolutely pristine and brand new, it may be worth checking the Amazon Warehouse. Typically selling stock at reduced prices to begin with, over the course of Prime Day there's an extra 20 per cent off everything you purchase from the Warehouse. Read More >>

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All the Best Tech Deals for the First Day of Amazon’s Prime Day 2019 Sale

So the big day is finally here. Not Black Friday, that's still a few months off yet, we're talking about Prime Day. That special holiday Amazon made up to sell a bunch of stuff at a discount, but only to people who buy a Prime membership first. Because you have to flog those Prime memberships somehow, just in case people think all the perks aren't enough. Read More >>

Don’t Open Any Amazon Prime Day Emails, Just in Case

Amazon’s made-up holiday dedicated to “epic deals” and working its warehouse workers to the bone is fast approaching, and so, apparently, are pretty convincing phishing scams disguised as emails from the tech giant. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Just Got a £20 Discount, Just in Time for Prime Day

Amazon's Prime Day sales kick off next Monday, but one of the key caveats is that you have to be signed up for Amazon's Prime membership before you can take advantage of any of the deals. If you don't have Prime, now is probably the time to sign up, because Amazon just discounted a whole year of membership. Read More >>

You Can Finally Watch the Amazon Prime Day Concert and Here’s How

The holiest of retail holidays is almost upon us, and Amazon is gearing up for Prime Day 2019 with its Prime Day concert, and you can watch it right now. Read More >>

Currys PC World is Going After Prime Day With its ‘Black Tag Summer Deals Event’ Sale

As we all know by now, Amazon has announced its annual Prime Day sale will be kicking off next Monday. That means 48 whole hours of sales that are only on Amazon, and only for Prime Members. Though it seems other retailers aren't willing to go down without a fight, and Currys PC World is the latest one to announce a sale that, by pure coincidence, also clashes with Prime Day. Read More >>

Amazon Workers Plan to Strike on Prime Day

Employees at Amazon’s now-infamous Shakopee, Minnesota, warehouse – the first of the famously anti-union retailer’s locations to stage a walkout in the U.S. – is planning a strike next week to coincide with Prime Day, the company’s invented shopping holiday. Read More >>

Amazon’s Prime Day Sale is Now Two Days Long, Kicks off on 15th July

So it looks like Amazon's Prime Day is set to be a little bit more of a misnomer than normal this year. Instead of the usual 36 hour sales window, which is already longer than the standard definition of what a day is, Amazon has just announced that this year's sales will actually be going on for a full 48 hours. Oh, and as expected it's set to kick off on Monday 15th July. Read More >>