Mathematicians Sceptical of Supposed Million-Dollar Proof

There are six outstanding problems that, if solved, will net you a $1 million reward. That's £760,000! On Monday, a highly regarded mathematician claimed in a lecture that he has proven perhaps the most famous of these problems, called the Riemann hypothesis. But there’s reason to be sceptical. Read More >>

US FedEx Employee Discovers Largest Known Prime Number Containing a Staggering 23 Million Digits

Using a computer powered by an off-the-shelf Intel Core i5-6600 processor, a FedEx employee from America has discovered the largest prime number known to humanity. At 23,249,425 digits long, it’s nearly a million digits longer than the previous record holder. Read More >>

Mathematicians Discovered Something Super Freaky About Prime Numbers

A surprising pattern in the expression of prime numbers has been found by mathematicians, revealing a previously unknown “bias”. Read More >>

You Have to Download a 10MB Zip File to See the Largest Known Prime Number

The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search project -- or GIMPS as it unfortunately refers to itself -- has counted to a new number. It's the new highest prime number we've yet discovered, somehow numbering a ludicrous 22,338,618 digits in length. Read More >>

A Former Subway Worker Made a Breakthrough Discovery in Maths

A completely unknown guy in the world of maths has made a breakthrough discovery that will help us understand numbers better. Basically, a guy who once struggled to find a job and had to work at Subway, is helping maths geniuses understand the twin prime conjecture, one of maths' oldest problems. Read More >>

The World’s Newest, Longest Prime Number Is Over 17 Million Digits Long

The world's largest prime number just got much, much bigger. Say hello to 257,885,161-1, a prime number that is over 17 million characters long when written out in full -- enough to fill 13,000 pages of A4 paper. Read More >>