Prince’s Trousers and Shoes Aired in Public Today

Today sees the opening of an exhibition called My Name is Prince in London's O2 Arena, a chance to celebrate the life and career of -- and poke around the clothes of -- the American musical polymath. Read More >>

Prince Purple is Now an Officially Recognised Colour

The particular blend of purple most favoured by legendary musician Prince is now on one official part of the colour spectrum, thanks to immortalisation in the professional charts administered by the colour guide experts at the Pantone Institute. Read More >>

Prince’s Music is Coming to Spotify

As of Sunday 12th February, Prince's catalogue of music from his time at Warner Bros. from 1978 to 1996, including 1999, Diamonds and Pearls and Purple Rain, will be available on streaming service Spotify, as well as Apple Music and Napster. Read More >>

Prince’s Estate Hates Tidal Just as Much as You Do 

Back in September 2015, Prince released his album Hit n Run Phase One exclusively through Tidal. At the time, the late musician lauded the streaming platform’s commitment to “the effort that real musicians put in 2 their craft 2 achieve the very best they can at this pivotal time in the music industry.” That all went to pieces on Tuesday, however, after Prince’s record label filed a federal lawsuit against Roc Nation, Tidal’s parent company. Read More >>

Bowie and Prince Storm Dead Celebrity Earnings Chart

Prince and David Bowie are actually doing pretty well for themselves these days, if you ignore the fact that they're dead, with both artists storming the charts when looking at the amount of money earned by deceased rockers, authors and general superstars. Read More >>

Is 2016 Really a Bizarrely Bad Year for Celebrity Deaths? Here’s the Data to Prove It

2016 has not been a good year to be a celebrity. Since the start of the year it has felt like every few days we lose another big name. David Bowie died on January 10th, and Alan Rickman followed him less than a week later. Since, we’ve lost Terry Wogan, Keith Emerson, Sir George Martin, Nancy Reagan, Ronnie Corbett, Victoria Wood and most recently Prince, and countless others. Even Admiral Ackbar himself, Erik Bauersfeld, passed away. It makes you wonder… is there something weird going on? Read More >>

That Time Prince Became an Actual Superhero

Prince always had superpowers. You only had to witness him picking up a guitar or sitting down at a keyboard to know it. His voice could encompass Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, and Mick Jagger, while remaining recognisable as its own thing. But around the time he created his own musical fantasia out of Tim Burton’s Batman, Prince actually got to become a comic-book superhero. Read More >>

Prince Streaming: Where to Listen to the Purple One’s Music Online

Feeling bad that you stopped listening to Prince in about 2003 and therefore haven't heard his more recent 50-odd albums? That's OK, it's one of the known stages of famous musician grief. Imagine how hard it was to track down Elvis' live material when he exploded in 1977, inconveniently way before the internet. Read More >>

MTV Botched up its Prince Tribute by Accidentally Playing The Fresh Prince

Come on guys, you had one job. MTV screwed up its tribute to the fabulous Prince last night by, well, cutting a few corners with its scheduling. The channel dropped all of its scheduled programming to play an all-day Prince marathon, but allowed this little number to creep in. Read More >>

Prince Was One of the Greatest Fantasy Storytellers of All Time

“Prince esta muerte. Prince is dead.” A female voice announces these words in a sing-song, matter-of-fact tone during The Gold Experience, Prince’s 1995 album. Prince hadn’t actually died, of course: he had changed his name to a symbol and created a brand new identity. He reinvented himself, as he did so many times before and since. So when I heard that Prince had died, I couldn’t help feeling that he’s just undergoing another magical transformation. Read More >>

Prince Throws New Sulk About Streaming, Raging Unto Spotify

Prince has once again shuffled his music around and removed it from several of the streaming sites it was on, although those that only offer paid tiers -- like Tidal and Google's Play Music -- still have most of his back catalogue available 4U. Read More >>

Prince Quits Internet in Mystery Sulk Over… Money or Ads or Something

Prince has binned all of his internet presences, deleting his Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and Facebook profiles, and even going so far as to delete most of the videos on his Vevo/YouTube account. There's been no official statement as to what's up this time, but it's probably something boring to do with streaming revenues like the rest of them. [Guardian] Read More >>