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Here’s How London Bus Destination Blinds are Made

The iconic buses in London are red, double-deckers that use roller blinds to show the destination stop rather than the typical LED display. I think the blinds look a lot better than the digital displays, to be perfectly honest. Read More >>

“Proprietary Algorithm” Replaces Humans in Limited Edition Guardian Print Run

A special edition of the Guardian in the US will give us a glimpse of a nightmarish future in which "likes" from idiots replace editorial decisions, with a run of 5,000 physical papers being filled entirely with stories a "proprietary algorithm" has decided were the most popular online. Read More >>

Gorgeous New Posters From an Abandoned London Printing Press

The folks at Faber & Faber, an independent publishing house in London since 1929, recently found a forgotten hand press in their archives. Read More >>

This Projector Lets You Tweak the Colours of Printed Materials

For the most part, once something's been printed, a photo, a map, an article, there's not much you can do to change it. For people dealing with visual impairments, that can be a problem. So researchers at Wakayama University in Japan have developed a projector system that allows print materials to be adjusted, even after they're printed. Read More >>

This Kiosk Prints Magazines and Newspapers As They’re Purchased

Many people are claiming that these new Meganews Magazines autonomous newstands could save the print industry. That's maybe a bit optimistic, but at the least they'll help reduce the mountains of wasted paper from unsold magazines since the over sized vending machine only prints publications when they're ordered, in just two minutes. Read More >>

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3D Printed Skateboard Looks Amazing, But Wouldn’t Last a Loop of Your Supermarket Car Park

That amazing thing up there is a 3D printed skateboard, put together using a design from renowned 3D product creator and builder Sam Abbot. Read More >>

“Wiki Weapon” 3D Printer Gun Ready for Testing

Defense Distributed is an odd idea for a company. It's a cooperative, non-profit organisation, designed to help create a blueprint for a 3D gun. It's the Wikipedia of death and terror. And it says it'll be ready to start testing its printable shooter before the end of the year. Read More >>

Apple’s Samsung Apology Hits the UK Newspapers, But Doesn’t Seem Any More Heartfelt

Apple's apology to Samsung has hit the printed newspapers today, with the above text spotted on page five of today's Guardian. It's shorter than the one it was ordered to rewrite, but does it sound like Apple means it this time? Read More >>

Smell What it’s Like Outside With ‘Scratch & Sniff’ Gardeners’ World Magazine

The next issue of Gardners' World Magazine will give housebound vegetation fans the chance to get a real whiff of the outdoors, thanks to featuring an equally horrifying and interesting "Scratch & Sniff" front cover, plus a mystery smell inside. Read More >>

Techie Textiles for the High-Concept Home

A group of creatives got together to create the Cryptographer, a machine that encodes digital messages on fabric, using bleach Read More >>